[Life] Local Cuisine: Tainan Slack Season TanTsai Noodles (Taipei Branch) style is decorated with Chinese painting and calligraphy, delicate Buddhist statue . John Chen; Amado Li; Cherry Li; Hoi-Sang Yu; Wei Tan; Tsai Ping Chiang; Once the Buddha was abiding in Trayastrimasa Heaven in order to expound the . Eugene Tan, “Tsai, Charwei,” in Ben Slater (ed.), Belief: Singapore THE CITY AND THE PAGODA Buddhist Spatial Tactics in Shanghai 36 • DANIEL P. S. GOH .

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Along the way, we passed the remains of the Taiwanese-owned, Panama-registered gravel ship Jui Hsing. On October 3,this m. Of its man crew, 6 were killed, 4 missing and 11 were rescued. However, we were just here for the Geopark.

Stretching approximately 1, m. The lunar-like landscape is divided into 3 sections, the first 2 of which were visited by us. These rock formations have been given imaginative names based on their shapes. One side of the platform is adjacent to steep cliffs while, down below, the other side is a scene of torrential waves.

Unfortunately, both of them drowned.


Open 8 AM-6 PM. After breakfast at the hotel, Jandy txntsai I, as well as a 69 year old retired USAF serviceman named Gerald and his wife Leona, were picked up at the hotel lobby by our tour guide. The sun was already up and shining this after 3 days of rain when we boarded our van for the min. The first immigrants to Taiwan used to fight with each other for land.

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In order to stop these disputes, they set up a temple for yearly worship. There are three levels in the park. On the first level is a historic cannon fort. Our destination was the Kuan Hai Pavilion, on the third level. Inside the statue, Jandy and I climbed a steep stairway leading to the top. From portholes on the sides, we could take in views of the harbor and the city. For me, Chung Cheng Park is a combination of a Buddhist holy site and amusement theme park.

The grounds by the Guanyin statue are crowded with snack vendors and souvenir shops while toy vehicles for children to ride around on, some of them musical, are offered for rent. Behind the statue is a Buddhist temple. Since this park is near downtown, it is popular with city folk as well as tourists. How to Get There: The park entrance is on the other side.

It was raining when we woke up on the third day of our stay in Taipei. It seems the city was also feeling the effects of Typhoon Ambo international name: Mawar which struck the Philippines. Not really a good day for sightseeing much less photography. After breakfast at the hotel, Jandy and I donned our jackets and opted to just walk to the mall. Within a decade, however, electronics retailers gained presence in the market and surrounding streets.

Due to underground railroad construction inGuang Hua Market was moved to an underground location at the corner of Bade Rd. By this time, the area became known for electronics, with many new stores opening, and the establishment of other electronic markets such as the International Electronics Market, Contemporary Life Market and Sanpu Market.


The temporary building consisted of 5 warehouse-like halls, providing a total of retail stores.

Not soon after the market moved into its temporary location, construction began on the current six-story Guang Hua Digital Plaza building, which has been its current location since July Today, the purpose-built Guang Hua Digital Plaza building consists of 6 floors and a basement. The first floor houses an exhibition space for new electronic products and a food court.

The second and third floors are the new locations for the vendors of the original Guang Hua Market while the fourth and fifth floors are the new locations for the vendors of Xining Guozhai Electronics Market. The sixth floor is reserved for repair shops, education classes and offices while the basement floor is for parking. Even with the rain outside, the building was pulsating with a steady stream of IT gadget lovers fervently shopping for the latest desktop computers, laptops, digital cameras, mobile phones, electronic accessories and parts and related gadgets and peripherals, many of which are Taiwan-made, at this sprawling mess of shops selling everything electronic.

The foreign tourists I saw shopping buddba were accompanied by their English-speaking guides. I had no such luxury. Oh well, maybe next time. We returned to the Gala Hotel the same way we came to Guang Hua — by walking. Guang Hua Digital Plaza: From Longshan Temple, Jandy, Isha and I walked, a few streets away, to a tantsia night market to tantwai some souvenir shopping.

A well-lit Chinese-style arch pointed us to an excellent night market divided into two segments. We went to the part of the market with the roof called Snake Alley a.

The surrounding area is the local market. These eateries also serve red bean soup, Taiwanese-style muah cheedanzi noodles also called tan tsai noodlesthick cuttlefish soup, eel noodles, shrimp in wine, grilled Taiwanese sausages, etc. Isha bought some these souvenir items as gifts for buddhq back home. I bought a number of brass key chains.

There were also a number of legitimate massage parlors offering foot, half body or whole body massages and stores where artists sell their paintings. After another burger dinner here, we all boarded another taxi, dropping off Isha at her hotel before proceeding to the Gala Hotel.

It was now very late in the evening and, quite tired from a fruitful day of sightseeing and shopping, decided to call it a night.

Budget Travel Guide: Conquer Taiwan By Train – How to Maximise the High Speed Rail Pass

Hwahsi Street Tourist Night Market: Open daily, 7 PM-2 AM. It was just about dusk when we arrived at the station. Before exiting, we all bought cups of coffee for take out and, upon exiting, leisurely sipped it while watching a Chinese dance being performed, beside the fountain, at Manka Park. Nevertheless, Taipei residents have consistently rebuilt and renovated it. The whole main hall and a part of the right annex were damaged and many precious artifacts and artworks were lost in the ensuing fire.

After the end of the war, a few months later, the temple was again rebuilt. The temple, one of the oldest and largest in Taiwan, has also been declared a Secondary National Heritage Site. The Yuan-Tung Grand Hall, the main hall, is the center of the whole complex. It houses the statue of Guanyin. The rear hall is divided into 3 parts. The center is for the veneration of Matsu, the goddess of marine voyage, the left is dedicated to the gods of literature or patrons of examination for civil service in the olden days and the right is for Lord Kuan, the god of war.


The octagonal ceiling in its fore hall, the clock tower roof, and the circular ceiling with its 7-layered spiral plafond in the main hall are exceptionally elegant. Its doors, beams and poles are also beautifully decorated. A treasure trove of folk art, its fore hall is graced by a pair of unique bronze dragon pillars while the main hall has four pairs. The temple walls are graced with paintings of vivid creatures while stone statues of mystical creatures guard the temple grounds.

Open daily, 6 AM Taipeithe first record-setting skyscraper to be constructed in the 21st century. It also displaced the storey, Curled ruyi figures, appearing throughout the structure as a design motif, are ancient symbols associated with heavenly clouds that connote healing, protection and fulfillment. Each ruyi ornament on the exterior of the Taipei tower stands at least 8 m.

An icon of modern Taiwan ever since its opening, the structure appears frequently in travel literature and international media. Taipei was designed by C. Three famed gemstones are found in eastern Taiwan — hornblende commonly known as Taiwan jadeblue chalcedony and red coral. Also on display in this gallery are exclusive artworks made with authentic coral gemstones, revealing the sophisticated beauty of coral. Gemstone corals take 10 years to grow 1 cm.

It is dark red in color with white veins and a translucent kind of sheen. Only 3 countries Italy, Japan and Taiwan in the world produce red coral jewelry. Momo coral are larger and more suitable for carved artworks.

Colors vary from pink, orange to dark red. Pink coral exists in the deepest part of the ocean and their colors can be faint pink or spotted pink. Due to water pressure, when corals are taken from such depths, certain lines will naturally form on the surface.

White vuddha, found in the eastern part of Taiwan, is naturally white in color. From Treasure Sky, we next proceeded to the elevator lobby where we again queued up for our turn at the passenger elevators. This time, we made it to the 5th floor, again via high-speed elevator, in a much longer 57 secs. Their application can prevent discomfort, damage or outright structural failure. This motion can be in the form of swaying or twisting, and can cause its upper floors to move more than a meter.

A tuning frame supports the budrha steel cables, monitoring building vibration and adjusting cable movement to regularize building movement and optimize damping. The pinnacle, at m. The pinnacle may oscillate up totimes a year due to strong wind loads. Our primary purpose for visiting Taipei was to get degree views of the city which attract visitors from around the world.

While on line, all visitors are requested to pose, for souvenir photos, beside a picture of Taipei Isha posed alone while Jandy and I posed together. We arrived at the 89th floor in 39 secs.