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ADF reinforcement plate 3 Remove the screw, slightly lift up the front end of the ADF reinforcement plate, slightly slide the plate to the front, and turn it upright. Page Preparation Prior to proceeding with the disassembly procedure, 1 Be sure to back up the machine information and user setting information into an external memory. Selector Function Setting and Specifications No. Models without ADF The scanner cover should be removed together with the document cover whose removal procedure is given in Section 6.

Operating Procedure 1 Press the 1 and 0 keys in this order in the initial stage of the maintenance mode. Setting this selector to “1” Obtained compensation data ineffective 0 0 1: Abnormal load applied to the Replace the PF-related gear s.

It realizes the following.

Paper size, Volume settings, Ring volume | Brother MFC cw User Manual | Page 38 /

See the illustration on the previous page. A broken device has been connected to the USB direct interface.

Tube support plate and tube support wire 3 Release the four ink supply tubes from the tube support wire. The firmware switches have been set at the factory in conformity to the communications standards and codes of each country.

Disassembly Of Control Panel Assy see the illustration below on the control panel base and then secure it with three “x” latches.

It is necessary to reset the purge count when the ink absorber box is replaced with a new one without replacing the main PCB. The CIS unit travels to the three positions–the white reference film position, scanning start and end positions. Page [ 3 ] Mechanisms constituting the head maintenance mechanism 1 Head capping mechanism The ASF motor drives the head capping mechanism.


Page 3 After the last number key is pressed, the machine beeps MFC only and returns to the initial stage of the maintenance mode. ON recommendation Not used. Page Note for models with a power inlet having a built-in fuse When replacing a fuse built in the power inlet, be sure to use a specified one.

When the machine leaves the factory, the cordless handset ID code is registered to the base unit, and the base ID code, to the cordless handset so that the handset and base unit are exclusively paired.

For the paper ejection roller adjustment 7 On your PC, drag and drop the “exitadj. Paper width sensor Paper width sensor media Readjust the left and right media sensor error.

Manuals | MFCCW | United States | Brother

Entering function code 01 initializes almost all of the EEPROM areas, but entering 91 does not initialize some areas, as listed below. When the machine does not function normally because the usage environments or operating conditions are not usual, the assurance mode switches provide workarounds to make the machine usable by changing the machine settings to untypical ones.

Unable to Clean 46 Unable to Init. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Page WSW No. Nation code or manufacturer code not coincident. Page Resetting purge or flushing counter 1 Switch the machine to the maintenance mode using the steps below. Paper is not the correct size. Unplug the device from the USB direct interface, then press Power Save to turn the machine off and then on again. Firmware Switches WSW This appendix describes the functions of the firmware switches, which can be divided into two groups: The machine has a mechanical problem.


The counterclockwise rotation of the paper feed motor drives the purge cam that aligns the pump switching unit with either the black or color ink drain position. ADF” in steps 2 and 3 below produces nothing. Maintenance unit 2 Release broter right end of the switching lever guide from the maintenance unit and remove it. Keep this manual in a convenient place for quick and easy reference at all times. Using a power inlet with an unauthorized fuse will cause brotheg fire or accident. These selectors activate or deactivate the dial tone detection function which detects a dial tone when a line is connected to the PBX.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Upper cover Top charge cover Hook Not masking Masking No. Foreign materials in the Remove foreign mfc-909cw. Unplug and plug the AC cord. Page [ 3 ] Loading the programs onto the flash ROM of the machine [3. For more information, visit us at http: The Printers window appears as shown below.

User’s Guide

The Brother logo is a registered trademark of Brother Industries, Ltd. Page Routing C: Initial value 1 0: First mount the PE actuator on the gear holder and then set the spring back into place, using the following steps.

The property code is printed on head property labels–bar code label and QR code label, each of which is attached to the lower cover and carriage-head flat cable, respectively. Never use any substitute mxnual short-circuit the fuse terminals with conductors. For models without numerical keypad, enter 7 twice using the and OK keys.

This procedure allows you to reset the purge count. Dialing during document reading into the temporary memory in in- 0: