Model Number: FAX Serial Number:* Date of Purchase: Place of Purchase: * The serial number is on the back of the unit. Retain this. User’s Guide with. IntelliFaxMC – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: IntelliFaxMC – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 4.

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Table of Contents 1 Introduction Always Send a Cover Page Packing and Shipping the Fax Machine The receiving fax responds with fax receiving tones—loud, chirping sounds. A receiving fax chirps for about 40 seconds over Choosing a Location Place 885md fax machine on a flat, stable surface, such as a desk.

Brother IntelliFAX 885MC User Manual – Download

Select a place that Setting Up the Fax Machine 1 Connect the handset. Connect the curled handset cord to the fax machine and Connect one end of the telephone brotehr cord to the jack on the fax Plastic Document Support 6 Attach the plastic paper tray, and then pull out the Installing the Ink Cartridges 1 Check that you turned on the power by plugging in the power cord.

Then remove the white Important To prevent spilling ink broher staining your hands and clothing, peel the sealing tape gently and slowly.

Caution Make sure the paper is loaded in the multi-purpose sheet feeder. Connecting the Fax Machine Connecting an External Telephone Although your fax machine has a handset, you can connect a separate The message sets up the ways to handle The first two ways may Print Area The print area depends on the settings in the application you are using. The figures below show Key Operations Table You can use the temporary keys on the control panel to conveniently choose temporary copy and fax Setting Date and Time Your fax machine displays the date and time, and prints it on every fax you Entering Text When you are setting certain functions, such as the Station ID, you may need to type text The LCD shows your current selection.

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Brother IntelliFaxMC Quick Setup Guide – Page 1 of 4 |

Advanced Receiving Operations Operation from Extension Telephones If you answer a fax call on an extension phone or on an Setting Up Sequential Polling Receive Your fax machine can request documents from several fax units in a single operation Sending Faxes with Multiple Settings When you send a fax you can choose any combination of these settings: Color Fax Transmission Your fax machine allows you to transmit a color fax.

Real Time Transmission When you are sending a fax, the fax machine will scan originals into memory before sending Using a Printed Cover Page If you prefer using a printed cover page that you can write on, you Dialing Options You can use your fax machine to make telephone calls by dialing manually or by using Search, One Access Codes and Credit Card Numbers Sometimes you may want to choose from among several long distance carriers when Do You Have Voice Mail?

If you have Voice Mail on the phone line on which you will install Caller ID service varies with different carriers. Call your local telephone company to determine the kind of service available Remote Commands Follow the commands below to access features remotely.

When you call the fax machine and enter your Retrieving Fax Messages 1 Dial your fax number. If you choose 7 days, the LCD prompts Paper Size You can change the paper size setting for the next copy only.

Reducing and Enlarging Copies 1 Place the original Special Copy Option You can save paper by copying two pages onto one page.

Brother IntelliFAX 885MC User Manual

They will remain until you change Legal Limitations Color reproductions of certain documents are illegal and may result in either criminal or civil liability. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant Important Safety Instructions 1 Read all of these instructions. Trademarks The brother logo is a registered trademark of Brother Industries, Brothr.


Brother is a registered trademark of Brother Industries, Original Jam If the original is jammed, follow the steps below.

Original is jammed inside front of control panel Printer Jam or Paper Jam Remove the jammed paper depending on where it is jammed in the fax machine Paper is jammed inside the fax machine.

Paper is jammed inside the back of the fax machine. If the paper rips, the pieces of paper may Check the quality of the four color blocks in the sheet. If the quality is OK for Packing and Shipping the Fax Machine Whenever you transport the fax machine, use the packing materials that came with your Routine Maintenance Cleaning the Scanner Unplug the fax machine, and then open the control panel cover.

Clean the flat white Replacing the Ink Cartridges Your fax machine is equipped with an ink dot counter that automatically monitors the ink If you do so, Plain paper, inkjet paper coated paperDistinctive Ring A service purchased from the Telephone Company that provides another phone number on an existing phone line.

Overseas mode Makes temporary changes to the fax tones to accommodate noise and static on overseas phone lines. D receiving difficulties date and time erasing from the memory Delayed Batch Transmission forwarding I P ink cartridges,packing list installing Pagingreplacing programming Fold Program Inteloifax Forwarding Number, press 4.

The industry Canada label identifies certified equipment.

This certification means that the Page of Go. Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard.