Der Jasager und der Neinsager – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or view Es una ópera con música de Kurt Weill y libreto en alemán de Bertolt Brecht. Der Jasager. Bertolt Brecht. Bertolt Brecht. Search for other works by this author on: This Site · Google. Theater () 6 (2): The school opera Der Jasager goes back to the Japanese fable Tanikô, a play from by Elisabeth Hauptmann and made its way to Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht .

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Der Jasager | Theater | Duke University Press

Jazz Latin New Age. The teacher forbids him–the journey is too long and difficult and he should stay home. Brecht subsequently revised the text twice, the final jasater, including Der Neinsagerbeing without music. By it had received over one hundred performances in Germany alone, all of them sung and performed by children. What claims did you make about whether or not students would derive any benefit from performing the opera?

Views Read Edit View history. Kurt Weill Edition, Vol. School opera in two acts. But the boy reminds him that he is visiting a great physician, who might be able to help his mother.

Der Jasager (The Yes-Sayer), opera

He admits that the boy is ill, and the students remind him of the strict old custom that whoever falls ill during the journey over the mountains must be hurled into the valley ” Wir wollen es dem Hasager sagen “.


One variant of the story holds that the expedition is a quest for medicine, while another holds that it is in fact a religious pilgrimage.

Immediately after the third reading, I ask for volunteers to respond to three questions: Act II The chorus explains that the teacher, the boy, and three older students are on the way back, and the boy is exhausted ” Die Leute haben die Reise in die Berge “. A brecbt leads a hike in the mountains, among the hikers being a young boy whose mother is quite ill.

Der Jasager – Wikipedia

However, when one hears Weill ‘s music right at the moment that the boy agrees to his death — which is perhaps the most expressive moment in the staid score, one suspects that the composer was not condoning this gruesome scene, but rather condemning it.

The second simply asks students to write, so they can draft a dramatic scene, an account nrecht their breakfast, or a legitimate complaint about the activity for three minutes. It served as a lesson in opera performance, in drr production, and in musical composition.

Thus Der Jasager was accessible to students, but at the same time full of thought and expression. I do not know any musician in Europe who would be capable of producing with such simple means so direct an effect on the mind and the nerves.

He is asked whether he should be abandoned by his fellow hikers, for which the customary and expected response is yes. Whoever says Edr must also say B.


A class on Bertolt Brecht’s Der Jasager/Der Neinsager

He has not replied in accordance with the Custom. The teacher reminds them bredht the sick person may also demand that the entire party turn back.

My answer was wrong, but your question was more so… as for the ancient Custom I see no sense in it. Synopsis Act I The chorus announces the theme of the work: Der Jasager; Down in the Valley.

The rather merciless story involves a young boy who undertakes a dangerous journey through the mountains.

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. It was successful and there were over performances during the following three years. What we have in mind is an exercise in collective thinking. I will think it over.

As they approach their shelter, the boy confesses that he is not well ” Wir sind schnell hinangestiegen “. The child, who decided to derr the journey in order to get medicine for his ill mother, becomes sick during the climb and the TEACHER ddr him: Did your argument change after each of the three pieces? But it is right that the one with the sickness be asked: Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

During the expedition the boy falls ill as well.