Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi profile and biography is given here. Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi was a social and religious reformer from. Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi was one of the foremost towering personalities, who activated the Renaissance movement in Kerala. The social-reform. other social renaissance leaders of Kerala, Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi. 1. C. Krishnankutty, Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi – A Social.

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According to Sivayogi, sometimes attractive sounds can be heard as those of the bell, the conch and the like.

The North Indian renaissance and the renaissance in Kerala have some basic differences. The parents expected their son to lead the life of a householder. He suggests unanimity in theory and practice in every sphere of life.

The magnanimity one can show to others is nothing other than this that they are to be enlightened by this great message of universal peace and compassion towards other beings.

Education and Realization Govindan Kutty was initiated into the world of letters by a home tutor. God is compassionate, affectionate and is full of good qualities. The High Court then considered it expedient to draw a distinction between Raja Veedhis King’s Highways and grama veedhis village roads. They became untouchables and unapproachables. The radicals of Hindu religion found a wonderful solution to their doubts in 7 Sri Ramakrsna.

Though the majority of the poor people preferred conversion to Christianity, Hinduism remained stable in this state. But Sivayogi argues that none can attain his desires by following that way of rituals.

Brahmananda Svami Sivayogi, Biography by A. By constantly assimilating information various sources, he also became well-versed in Hindu scriptures and Tamil language. Literary Career Govindan Kutty explained his ideas with the help of suitable examples and proofs in his books, speeches, meetings, letters and advices.

But, in due course, the teachers deviated from their original mission and the symbolic idol worship degenerated into the form of a spiritless practice. The remaining majority of people lived as tenants who worked hard to earn the daily food for the whole nation. As a child, Govindan Kutty was watching the customs and rituals with disbelief.


Serving a symbol as a substitute for Brahman is the third method. His new philosophy was revolutionary and of great relevance not only during his period. The ice cube transforms into water while in contact with heat. He is the Atman which is identical with truth. The Religion of the Rgveda. The vivid artificial names and forms of God will disappear as there emanates the one unlimited power.

In connection with the popularization of his thoughts, Govindan Kutty gave his first speech in Kozhikode in and the second one at Guruvayoor in Posted by Narayanan at When one remains passionless to this state, the seeds of evil will be destroyed and thereby comes isolation.

Abstinence from false hood brahmanandq in the dependence of actions and consequences upon such a yogi. As a witness to this crisis of Hinduism, Brahmananda Svami Sivayogi boldly declared the meaninglessness behind the prevalent practice of idol worship.

One should take to Yoga only after consuming moderate food so as to keep the body healthy. The Upanisads tried to reveal the concept of God as attributeless. Why Vaikom was selected for the sivayog Historical background During the Government of Travancore had published a notification that all public roads in the state were open to all castes of people alike.

In the light of evidence and experience, Sivayogi proves that idol worship is one of the most futile acts. Thus, though the soul is invisible, the brahmannada finds it out through any of the experiences of divine sound, smell, taste, sight or touch.

It is such experiences that he considered as the perception of the 33 self. This village is situated on the banks of the river Gayatri. Experience of ananda itself is bgahmananda main goal of everyone.

Yoga as Philosophy and Religion, pp. Sivayogi formulated a new stream of thought based on valid reason and experience, leaving all abstract and invalid scriptures. The mind relates to the universe because the objects in it bring bliss to it. The concentration of the mind at the susumna results in knowing one’s own self.


The Samkhya conceives that Prakrti and Sdami are sufficient to explain the universe and that there is no necessity of Sivqyogi.

Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi – Wikipedia

He advocated equal status for men and women. Malayalam Translation by Sreekumaranunni. Sankara established the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta which points out the oneness of the individual soul and the Supreme soul. Brahmananda Swami Shivayogi never advocated anybody to join his ” Aananda matham” swani was just a declaration.

Wait a moment…

He propounded the theory that ananda happiness or bliss should be the touchstone of any human activity. It helped 9 people acquaint themselves with the depth and seriousness of Indian culture. Then qualities stop their changing process for him, for they served sensual experience and isolation to that self.

After this, he led a peaceful life at home.

The North Indian renaissance resulted in the formation of new forms of faith such as the Brahma Samaj and the Arya Samaj. They believed that the external celebrations and performances were the whole brahmnanda of the worship of idols. You may ask, are there texts to be branded as false Sastras? The relation between Him and that syllable is not created, but is natural. Renunciation of this world is unnecessary to see one’s light within Vedanta is not needed for those who exult in the union with the radiance during the experience of yogic nada, In this sacred thread of bliss, all the worlds are strung like gems of a garland.

Brahmanamda, Tapas which heats the body due to starvation, is not favoured by Sivayogi. That even brahmanands wise are led astray by their implicit faith in them.