Underground Bodyopus: Militant Weight Loss & Recomposition [Daniel Duchaine ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Diet Book for People. Billed as a diet plan for those who aren’t overweight, the Body Opus Diet strives to make normal people extraordinary, providing them with the. The Most Insane Diet that I Love! My all-time favorite diet – Body Opus! Body Opus, or as the book is officially called, Underground Body.

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The first part of the book talked a lot about the different types of steroids and their pros and cons. Insulin, also increases protein synthesis, which is the building of muscle out of the amino acids that are entering the muscle cells. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Nevertheless he was adamant that real health and optimal body composition required much more dietary fat than the levels then being recommended.

Mood — I feel complete fine on Monday. Most famous for its cyclical Keto approach, the book included a beginner and intermediate diet. Again, I am being very vague in this blog bodyoous on the Body Opus program, because everything is in the book or my last blog.

But again, the weigh means nothing on Body Opus. So far, we have fat being stripped off the body and a reduction in catabolism. I am constantly working, not only physically in my retail store, but I am constantly looking into new products for the store, new promotions to offer my customers, putting together marketing ideas, etc.

Then it is carb loading time! Have you tried the BodyOpus Diet? As outlined in the book, starting at 6pm on Sunday, you go zero carbs.

Body Opus: The Results | discountsportnutritiondenton

Once the weekend hits, the high-carb diet replenishes the missing glycogen in a big way, triggering an anabolic reaction and creating dramatic muscle cell growth. Lol — Sunday — Sunday, is very much like Saturday, but without the morning sluggish feeling. Normal dieters will struggle with the regimented program and the strict dietary guidelines.


Sunday — 6pm — I go zero carbs Monday — 7am — I weighed in at lb. If you shop at my store on a consistence bases, you know I hate the weight scale. As I type this up, I am towards the end of week two and this week so far is SO much easier than week one.

If you start to lower both amounts, you will eventually run into the metabolic slow down that happens with dieting. There are currently many variations on this diet, but boyopus Body Opus diet is the original. We only carry named brand supplements at wholesale prices.

So, here is how your typical Body Opus week will go as you transition into and out of Ketosis…. This blog is strictly information to help you with your fitness bodyopu. Here is an example of my week 1 weight change — Monday morning I weighed in at lbs. So, what can you eat on the ketosis part of Body Opus? Wrapping Up… This brief overview of the BodyOpus diet pales in comparison to the highly detailed work laid out by Duchaine himself.

Dan Duchaine’s Bodyopus diet

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Body Opus, or as the book is officially called, Underground Body Opus: Duchaine applied what he learned to himself and later to other bodybuilders around the country. This site uses cookies. Your muscles will be hyper sensitive at this time, and you will take advantage of this. Meaning, get shredded and gain more muscle at the same time!

I am not saying it will work for everyone nor am I saying that everyone should give it a try. Finish the other half of the body during the weight workout. Then, on Friday afternoon you take in between 30 to 50 carbs just enough to come out of ketosis and then you do a brutal total body depletion workout.


What’s The Body Opus Diet? Lost 6 pounds mostly water Felt great in the morning. Video of the Day. He does say to go heavy though. Eliminate all carbohydrate foods.

Make sure to take this with food. Will these percentages mean that you are lean already?

This will saturate your muscle cells making them grow anabolic! Friday afternoon, will be the most brutal workout, where you work out your entire body to depletion.

Here is what I mean…if you are an active person, say a UPS driver…you are going to be bodopus up a bunch of ketos so you may not test positive on the strips as being in ketosis. Mood — I am fine for the first part of the day. The less glycogen sugar that is stored in the liver, the faster you get back into boyopus, on week two of Body Opus. Wednesday — No lifting. This is the pain pleasure day. After the workout, through the weekend, you carb load. Until then, if you have any questions regarding this blog or if I can help you in any other way, please stop by the store.

Here is a list of tools that you will probably need to do this diet.

Whey protein, of course is the fastest digesting protein that we know of, so of course that makes sense to use during this time as well.