Home > Manual > MP40 Hardware Guide. Version: MP Description: Download the MP40 Hardware Guide to learn more about MP40 unit specifications and. 5. Finish drying with atmospheric air or with a warm blow dryer (hair dryer). Always follow the manufacturer’s directions. HARDWARE GUIDE. BioHarness User Guide: Multi-parameter Telemetry or Logging NIBPA ( Vasotrac) Noninvasive BP System User Guide ยท NIBPB BSL Hardware Guide.

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To use this guide, navigate to specific pages using the page thumbnail images and bookmark links left or type an entry of interest into the Find box. All specifications are subject to change without notice. The MP data acquisition unit is an electrically isolated data acquisition system, designed for biophysical measurements. Exercise extreme caution when applying electrodes and taking bioelectric measurements while using the hardware with other external equipment that also uses electrodes or transducers that may make electrical contact with the Subject.

Always assume that currents can flow between any electrodes or electrical contact points. Extreme caution is also required when performing general stimulation electrical or otherwise on a subject. Stimulation currents should not be allowed to pass through the heart. Keep stimulation electrodes far from the heart and located close together on the same side of the subject s body.

It is very important in case of equipment failure that significant currents are not allowed to pass through the heart. EL Series Electrodes Store electrodes in clean, dry area. Cotton swabs are suggested. Let the electrode dry completely before storing it. DO NOT allow the electrodes to come in contact with each other during storage. Electrodes may form a brown coating if they have not been used regularly. To remove the coating, gently polish the surface of the electrode element with non-metallic material or wipe it with mild ammonium hydroxide.

Rinse with water and store the electrode in a clean, dry container. Probes Immersion temperature probes can be cleaned using standard liquid disinfectant methods, with direct immersion for the recommended period.

MP System Hardware Guide

Non-immersion probes can be wiped down with liquid disinfectant or alcohol. Disinfecting is only useful on a previously cleaned apparatus. Using a gas for disinfecting does not provide cleaning. An appropriate disinfectant solution can clean and disinfect simultaneously. Immerse the apparatus in the liquid. Hafdware can be completely immersed since the electrical part is waterproof; a to minute bath is usually sufficient to detach or dissolve the dirt.

Rinse under a strong tap.

Rinse with distilled or demineralized water. Use air or another compressed gas to dry the apparatus. Blow through the screen and in each pressure tube; a pressure of 5 to 6 bars is acceptable.

Finish drying with atmospheric air or with a warm blow dryer hair dryer. Disconnect sensors from instrumentation before cleaning or disinfecting.

Wipe the sensors with a damp cloth, or a cloth moistened with soapy water.

Biopac student lab

Do not use solvents, strong alkaline or acidic materials to clean the sensors. Wipe the sensors with a cloth moistened with disinfectant. Wipe lightly with a dry, ghide cloth. Wipe lightly with a soft cloth dampened with a commercial, hardwrae cleaner. Use a low-pressure air line to blow dust free, or carefully clean with a suitable vacuum cleaner. Do not bioac, pour or spill any liquid on the module, including its connectors, switches or openings.


COM for descriptions of the following features. The notes are static pages that provide detailed technical information about either a product or application. A partial list of Application Notes follows. Use a Quick Start template to establish the hardware and software settings required for a particular application or as a good starting point for customized applications.

The external trigger inputs are equipped with internal pull-up resistors this means that they automatically sit at TTL high, if left unattached. This is a common and helpful implementation, because all one requires to implement an external trigger is to pull the external trigger input low.

This implementation is typically performed with an external switch placed between the external trigger input and ground. To sync several MP systems together, so that one external trigger can start all the MP systems simultaneously: Connect all the MP systems grounds together. Connect all the MP systems external trigger inputs together.

Place a switch between any MP system external trigger input and ground. When the harxware is pressed, jardware the MP systems that are connected together will be triggered simultaneously.

This next generation product takes full advantage of cutting edge technology. Access multiple MP devices located on a local area network and record data to niopac computer connected to the same LAN. Record multiple channels with variable sample rates to maximize storage efficiency. Record at speeds up to khz aggregate. This allows users to continue using an existing Ethernet card for accessing the Internet and local area network while using the MP System. If a computer does not require simultaneous connection to the network, standard crossover Ethernet cable can be used to connect the MP System to a computer.

MP K samples Ethernet: To clean the MP, use a damp, soft cloth. Abrasive cleaners are not recommended as they might damage the housing. Do not immerse the MP or any of its components, as this can damage the system. Let the unit air-dry until it is safe to reconnect the power supply.

One transformer is included with each MP System; replacements can be ordered separately. The MP does not have a Hardware Reset switch like a personal computer does.

To reset buopac MP for any reason, turn the MP off, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on. Fuse 2A 2 Amp fast-blow fuse holder; the maximum capacity of the fuse is 2 Amps.

To remove the fuse, use a screwdriver to remove the fuse cover, which is located below the word Fuse. Ethernet The MP connects to guode computer via the Ethernet port, located just to the right of the word Ethernet.

Uses a standard RJ-Ethernet connector 10 base T. The two connector inputs are designed to connect directly to the UIMC. Activation of the Firmware Rollback Switch will cause the MP unit to operate under the previous version of firmware loaded into the unit. B Bright This may take 3 10 seconds, depending on MP internal memory. It is normal for both lights to be on this does not indicate a problem unless an Error Message is generated on the computer screen.

In rare cases, a serious problem may prevent a self-test and the lights may be erratic: It means the MP is in working condition and ready for acquisition. AcqKnowledge may communicate with the MP through a serial cable or through a network by using xxx. Under some conditions, such as when a dialog box is gyide, AcqKnowledge cannot send commands to the MP When command flow from the workstation stops, the MP acts as if there is an open dialog and enters the Wait Mode to wait for a command from the workstation it hardwwre locked to commands from any other work station will be ignored.


When it receives a command, the MP return to the Work mode. After five minutes with no command communication, the MP will revert to the Idle mode. This may take 3 10 seconds, depending on MP internal memory. The MP can switch between Idle-1 and Idle WORK When the MP receives any command from any workstation, it locks on to that workstation and communicates with it exclusively. The MP remembers the active workstation and will ignore commands from any other workstation.

When it receives a command, the MP enters the Work mode; if the Guode does not receive a command within five minutes, it reverts to Idle. There are 16 analog input channels, two analog output channels, 16 digital channels that can be used for either input or output, and an external trigger input.

Biopac – TSG Doc

The digital lines can be programmed as either inputs or outputs and function in 8 channel blocks. The adapter’s compliance with USB 2. Adapter is compact and USB bus-powered; no external power adapter required. The MP36R unit takes incoming signals and converts them into digital signals that can be processed with the computer. Guiee are four analog input channels, one of which can be used as a trigger input.

Electrodes are relatively simple instruments that attach to the surface of the skin and pick up electrical signals in the body. Transducers, on the other hand, convert a physical signal into a proportional electrical signal. Simple Sensor connectors are designed to plug only one way into the MP36R it s not possible to plug items in upside down or into the wrong socket.

Electrodes, transducers, and the pushbutton switch all connect to the channel input ports on the front panel of the MP36R. Headphones and the stimulator connect haedware the Analog out port on the back panel of the MP36R. There is also a 3. Trigger devices connect to the Trigger port on the back panel. Status Indicators Busy indicator is activated when the MP36R is acquiring data and also during the first few seconds after the MP3X is powered on to indicate that a self-test is in progress.

When the Hardwaree passes the power-on test, the Busy light will turn off. Power status indicator is illuminated when the MP36R is turned on.

Analog Out Port Low Voltage Stimulator There is one 9-pin male D analog output port on the back of the MP36R that allows signals to be amplified and sent out to devices such as headphones.