and a Model for Network Security, Non-Cryptographic Protocol. Vulnerabilities Network Security and Cryptography, Bernard Menezes, Cengage. Learning. Introduction: Security Attacks, Security Services, Security Mechanisms, and a Network Security and Cryptography, Bernard Menezes, Cengage Learning. Network Security And Cryptography by Bernard Menezes, Publication date 26 Oct ; Publisher Cengage Learning, Inc; Imprint Delmar Cengage Learning.

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The book provides an in-depth coverage of all important concepts pertaining to cryptography and network security. Beginning with an introduction to cyber attacks and the defence measures, strategies, and techniques that need to be followed to combat them, the book bernardd on to explore several crucial topics such as basics of cryptography, secret key and public key cryptography, cryptographic hash, key management, authentication, IPSec, wireless LAN security, vulnerabilities, malware, access control, firewalls, intrusion prevention and detection, RFIDs, electronic payment, and web services and security.


Network Security and Cryptography

Written in a clear and comprehensive manner, the book would prove extremely helpful to students. The book is interspersed with a large number of figures and tables that greatly complement the text. A number of additional features have been included at the end of each chapter such as Selected References, which direct students towards other literature available on the subject Objective-Type Questions and Exercises, which enable students to gauge cryptogaphy depth of their understanding regarding the topic discussed in the chapter and Answers to Objective-Type Questions.

A Bibliography cryptofraphy provided at the end of the book which contains the complete details of the references cited throughout the text. Computer Networking Primer 3.

Mathematical Background for Cryptography 4. Basics of Cryptography 5.

Discrete Logarithm and its Applications 9. Security at the Transport Layer Non-Cryptographic Protocol Vulnerabilities Viruses, Worms, and Other Malware Access Control in the Operating System Intrusion Prevention and Detection He was also a faculty member in Mumbai University and also a visiting faculty member at the University of Mexico, Albuquerque.


Network Security and Cryptography by Bernard L. Menezes

Besides network security and cryptography, his research interests include parallel computing, smart E-business and forecasting. Engineering a Secure Information Technology Organization.

Network Security and Cryptography. Guide to Computer Cryltography and Investigations. Guide to Firewalls and VPNs.

Management of Information Security. Computer Security and Penetration Testing.