Belzona Base Coat. Fahad AlQanaee. Loading Unsubscribe from Fahad AlQanaee? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working. BELZONA CERAMIC R-METAL NEW IN BOX: : Industrial & Scientific. Belzona (Ceramic R-Metal) is a non-machinable grade repair composite that can easily be applied by hand to damaged metallic components.

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For help with turning your Javascript back on you can visit This link. A 2-part epoxy-based repair composite designed for metal repair and protection against the effects of erosion and corrosion.

This solvent-free repair composite has excellent chemical resistance and will bond to all metals and most other rigid surfaces. It is easy to mix and apply without the need for specialist tools and it cures at room temperature eliminating the need for hot work. It is ideally suited to be overcoated with Belzona Ceramic S-Metal to ensure long-lasting performance.

Belzona (Ceramic R-Metal) | Perfect Packings and Seals | Perfect Packings and Seals

Belzona Ceramic R-Metal can also be used as a high strength structural adhesive for metal bonding and to create irregular load bearing shims. Check with your local Distributor for more information.


For more information about Belzona Ceramic R-Metal contact us or find your local distributor. You can apply to join Belzona Connect to access additional information including SDS and instructions for use.

For More Information regarding Belzona Products, please login by clicking here. Your JavaScript is switched off. Please enable it to view the full site. Belzona Ceramic R-Metal. A ceramic filled epoxy-based composite for metal repair and erosion and corrosion protection. Long-term erosion eblzona corrosion resistance Excellent bonding to almost any rigid surface including belzpna, aluminium, copper, brass, glass, wood and most plastics Excellent chemical resistance against a wide range of chemicals Reduced health and safety risks as it is solvent-free Simple mixing ratio Application and cure at room temperature – no hot work involved No shrinkage, expansion or distortion Excellent electrical insulation characteristics Applications for Belzona Ceramic R-Metal include: Rebuilding and geometry reconstruction of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps damaged by erosion and corrosion Pit fill and resurface of heat exchangers, water boxes and tube sheets Repair of butterfly and gate valves, fans and bbelzona nozzles deteriorated as a result of erosion, corrosion and bslzona Repair of pipe elbows damaged by impingement High strength structural adhesive for metal bonding Creation of irregular load bearing shims Key technical data: Pack sizes may vary locally.


Belzona Products

Check with your local Distributor for more information Approvals: Damaged bow thruster casing of a cargo ship. Restored bow thruster casing. Sea water lift pump suffering from erosion and corrosion. Rebuilt sea water pump.

Belzona 1311 Ceramic R Metal 2kg

Eroded areas rebuilt with Belzona Ceramic R-Metal. Suction bell damaged by erosion.

Restored suction bell using Belzona Ceramic R-Metal. Contact us Find a distributor. Aluminium, copper, brass, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, lead, glass, wood, most plastics and other rigid surfaces.