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Shirley April 29, at 1: Mlutknkj July 4, at 9: Raimiaffeds August 30, at 5: Bambie, this blog is so amazing. You are the best! I like very much your new single!

Instruction/set-up manual for atech F13 cycle computer

How is he doing? I wish you Hyun Joong quick recovery. But we refrain posting songs from any album or singles except digital single. I hope you understand. I am very pleased with your site. I will be glad if you appreciate c13 site. Arirang Chart of week vote for 3 songs per day end 4. Mnet top 4th dimension Star bottom right of page — end 3. October 19, at We concern your health much more than anything. We want to see a happy,healthy and knstrukcja hyunjoong on TV.

All others of ss,fighting!

Thanks for working so hard, guys! D February 6, at D i even dream about ss I would really like to be an official member of the fan club but dont know how?

Im a big fan of the group esp Hyun Joong! Recently, I became a big fan of ss! Anyway, one of my biggest dreams is to meet all of you one day! Your voices are very good. We live in NY so please help us!! You must take care of yourself, i think you are stressing yourself out dude!!! My number one favorite is Baby!!! He is SO adorable!!! I love you all!!! I am from MyanmarSouth east Asia.

When you come to our country you will see many beautiful view. Wish you get the best of every things. I got to know them through the drama, you guessed it, boys over flowers. Inshrukcja and, please come to Singapore.

I would love to see you guys live. I am a girl from Iran. I found out that ji hoo is one of the members of the band ss and woo bin in t-max so i started surfing f113 the net about ss And I started to like them,their looks,their hairstyles,their sense in fashion too. Everyday I watch them in youtube. I wish them all to have more blessings and success in their personal lives and in their careers. I wish SS would come to Singapore this December I have waited, waited and waited. I bought so many of their albums and managed to get one poster.


SS, if 5 of you are reading this, please come to Atecu Singapore and the rest of South East Asia demand it. We want to watch your concert. When you come in Europe or did you ever come to Europe? Hi I am Myanmar. Please visit our land when you have freetime.

Bagan,mandalay,yangon,pyinoolwin are the most famous of myanmar. I like Kim Hyun Joong too much in F4 series.

Instruction/set-up manual for atech F13 cycle computer – Fixya

With best wishes, yinyin, ,aungthukha 4 street,28 quarter,dagonmyothit north,yangon myanmar. Hi boys I like to see you one day so would you come to Iran? And I dream they will once come here, to Europe, baceuse of some concert: Keep doing what you really like: Hello ss… i really adores this group… Please come to Singapore…. I hope the concert will be on…. Till now I was using http: November 4, at 7: I wonder if their personalities on tv and stuff are the same. I like youngsaeng because he is not a bad-boy.

I do not like bad boys because they always act cool. I wonder why most girls and ladies like bad boys. I just got into the band, and fell in love with it from the first moment I heard my first song by them Love Like This.

Even the slow songs, even instukcja they make me go to sleep, have a great melody. I love these guys, all of them! They are such amazing performers and I would love to meet them all! One of them caught my eye though… Jungmin is an amazing dancer, singer, actor, ext. I love him to death and I hope I get to meet him, and the rest of them! I want to know how to do some of the dances, and also hope that we could be friends if possible xD. Maybe they will help me aetch into the performing Arts business Paa-Sha xD.


I think dsp company is perfect to run atdch band… here, your clip and music public downloud is difficult and we can recive arrirang tv from korea. Your website is very difficult for Lon in Yours all my favorite vocalist. December 11, at 1: I love all of your songs! Always be the best. Dal Yoo Sawng January 26, at 9: Can you make it to easy???? I like Kim Hyun Joong very much!!!

I t was so sncer so tender… so i fall in love with your hero! I was soooooo amazed! Bravo April 30, at 3: We love you very much. I just wonder that if there are any fanclub of SS in Australia…???

Plz let me know if it is… Thanks all!!! A song calling for you, I rlly love this song. I came to know about the grp few years back, but hyun joong in Boys over flowers has made us die one more for them. Wish him all the best for his debu in Japan. Love you all ……. Keep me updates via email. Her zip increased with geek of those southwards natures which are cutting or concealed in the those latent facts.

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