Summary Portlets in Action is a comprehensive, hands-on guide to building portlet-driven applications in Java. Covers Portlet , Spring Ashish Sarin is the author of Portlets in Action, published by Manning Publications. Ashish has over 10 years of experience designing and. Portlets in Action by Ashish Sarin, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Java Computer program language Contents Machine generated contents note: Introducing portals and portlets 1. What is a portal? Benefits of web portals Enriched user experience Unified information view 1. What is a portlet? Portal infrastructure The portal container The portal server 1. Undeploying a portlet application 1. The portlet lifecycle 2.

Requirements for the ‘User Registration portlet 2. Creating portlets Creating portlets with the Portlet interlace Creating portlets with the GenericPortlet class 2.

Portlets in Action : Ashish Sarin :

Generating portlet content based on portlet mode Writing content generation methods jiff each portlet mode Defining support for paid modes 2. Portlet development in depth The Portlet API objects Creating JSPs to display portlet content The portlet deployment descriptor Dispatching portlet requests using the PortletRequestDispatcher Internationalization and localization using resource bundles Portlet initialization parameters Contents note continued: Creating portlet URLs Container-runtime options portelts.

Requirements for the Book Catalog portlet 3.

Storing user-specific data in a portlet session PortletSession object and methods PortletSession usage in the Book Catalog portlet Pirtlets note continued: Obtaining session attributes using PortletSessionUtil An in-depth look at portlet session scopes Portlet session and content caching Portllets between HttpSession and PortletSession Sharing session data across portlet applications 3.

Discovering the portlet environment using PortletContext 3. Retrieving portlet configuration using PortletConfig 3. Caching generated content Expiration-based content caching Validation-based content caching 4. Localizing portlet content Implementing portlets to support localization Changing locales using built-in portlets 4.


Portlet modes in depth Custom portlet modes Contents note continued: Portal-managed and portlet-managed portlet modes Portlet modes and markup types 4. Portlet window states in depth Custom window states Portlet window states and markup types 4. Designing portable portlets Portal server features and limitations Designing for change 4.

Building your own portal 5. Requirements for Book Portal 5. Creating portal pages and adding portlets Creating a Home portal page Contents note continued: Adding an Announcements portlet Adding an RSS feed portlet Setting permissions for portal pages and portlets Using the built-in Document Library and Book Catalog portlets together Setting permissions for displaying the book catalog Setting permissions for displaying discussion forums 5.

Configuring Actikn Portal server settings Setting the authentication mechanism Specifying the default user ashjsh 5.

Using the portlet tag library 6. Using the tag library to build a Book Catalog portlet 6. Using, and Using the tag Contents note continued: Dependency injection and the application context An e-commerce example Dependency injection and application contexts Web application contexts 7. Using handler interceptors Implementing and configuring a handler interceptor Processing requests using handler interceptors 7.

Portlets in Action

Handling exceptions Request handling with exceptions Mapping exceptions to a view based on the exception class 7. Summary Contents note continued: Annotation-driven development with Spring 8. An overview of annotations 8. Developing the Book Catalog portlet using annotations 8. Configuring beans that provide annotation support 8. Validating forms using Spring and. Spring’s form tag library 8.

Unit testing with mock objects and TestContext Ant build file to run unit tests Unit testing with mock objects Unit testing with Spring’s TestContext framework 8.

Integrating portlets with databases 9. Combining portlets and databases 9. Accessing Spring beans from non-Spring objects 9. Transaction management support in Spring Framework Defining a transaction manager Specifying transactional methods Configuring annotation-driven transaction management 9.

Introducing portlet personalization Personalization requirements for the Book Catalog portlet Saving user preferences Retrieving user preferences from the portlet request Saving portlet preferences to the persistent potrlets Saving preferences with PortletPreferences Actjon in saving preferences Concarrency issues in saving preferences Contents note continued: Validating preferences Validating preferences before setting them in PortletPreferences Validating preferences using PreferencesValidator Configuring Preferences Validator in the portlet deployment descriptor Handling ValidatorException Retrieving portlet preferences and personalizing the portlet Obtaining preferences in the portlet class and JSP pages Personalizing content and behavior Defining portlet preferences in portlet.

Communicating with other portlets Why do you need inter-portlet communication? An inter-portlet communication example Inter-portlet communication using portlet sessions Defining multiple portlets in the portlet deployment descriptor Storing and retrieving information from PortletSession Inter-portlet communication in action Advantages and disadvantages of using PortletSession Contents note continued: Inter-portlet ni using public render parameters Setting and retrieving public render parameters Methods related to public render parameters Advantages and disadvantages of using public render parameters Putting public render parameters to work Inter-portlet communication using portlet events Sending portlet events Receiving portlet events Advantages and disadvantages of using portlet events Event support in Spring Portia MVC Your first Ajax portlet Creating a portlet that displays date and time Sending Ajax requests using the XMLHttpRequest object Handling Ajax requests using portlet or servlet components Retrieving the servlet response to update portlet content Ajax support in Portlet 2.


Downloading binary content using portlets Resource LTRLs and caching Creating a rich interface for the Book Catalog portlet Ajax and inter-portlet communication Inter-portlet communication using Comet Inter-portlet communication using a JavaScript function Reusable logic with portlet filters Contents note continued: Types of portlet filters Portlet filter interface methods and lifecycle Portlet filter interface methods Portlet filter liftcycle Using portlet filters with the Book Catalog portlet Setting the portlet title with the portlet filter Validating requests with portlet filters Converting text to hyperlinks with portlet filters What is a portlet bridge?

Q&A with Ashish Sarin: Portlets in Action

Wicket portlets Book Catalog Wicket web application requirements Wicket web application project structure Developing the Book Catalog web application wing Wicket Contents note continued: Developing the Book Catalog portlet using a Wicket portlet bridge What makes remote portlets a reality?

Creating a WSRP producer and adding portlets to it Creating a WSRP consumer Locally registering remote portlets View online Borrow Buy Freely available Show 0 more links Set up My libraries How do I ni up “My libraries”?

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