The Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. In this updated edition of The Tarot Handbook, now with a new introduction by the author, Angeles Arrien takes tarot beyond the limits of the fortune-telling. This is Part 3 in a series of posts here about the five shapes that archaeologist Angeles Arrien has identified as carrying universal meaning.

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We were both faculty members at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Adrien Reading was so upbeat, so positive and, of course, so right on, that I was moved to take her series of classes in San Francisco inwhich twrot tarot luminary, Mary Greer. Angeles used the Thoth Deck by Crowley, but never referred to his weighty, incomprehensible book at least to me it was. She simply reframed the picture symbols and archetypes in such a way that it was empowering and made sense not occultish or all that esoteric.


I learned how to use the power of symbols. I learned how angwles read the cards. I learned how use them in a practical way in my daily life. I learned about magic! I learned about intuition. I learned how to teach. All this from a master teacher. I pretty much imitated her and copied her way and style of reading and teaching Tarot. For the first few years, I read the Crowley cards.

It was my only work in San Francisco and almost starved. I lived in her office. But when you love what you do and do what you love, so what?

The Tarot Handbook : Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols

Yes, follow your bliss and the money will come, but who knows when. Keep the faith and keep on trucking. Angeles and her team began creating annual Tarot Symposiums, which might have been the first of such a kind in the world.

Angeles has produced many, many books over the years. All exceedingly relevant and beautifully done. Maybe in some subconscious way of being primed by her, I proceeded to write myself. I spiced it up with a reading and master layout arrisn for each Major Card.


But she appreciated it. After Voyager was published inAngeles and I collaborated a couple of times by teaching a Tarot class at Esalen Institute on tarto spectacular Big Sur coast.

That was pure fantastic!

Products | Angeles Arrien

It was a radical idea. Thinking back on mirroring Angeles as my mentor btw…. Her Readings were always based on that Spread and she anveles project into the future the cards that arose.

As I say to my students, angles your own style. Then you will be in your power and more able to empower your clients. Over the years, Angeles moved away from Tarot into her work as a Shaman…. She would be happy, happy, happy. The Holy Grail Today! Comments on this entry are closed.