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In this document: APMKC-TR, APMKC-TU. Kb • 9 pages. APM – P CHANNEL ENHANCEMENT MODE MOSFET In this document. APM Dual P-channel Enhancement Mode Mosfet. Features. Super High Dense Cell Design Reliable and Rugged SOP-8 Package Lead Free Available. APM Lead Free Code Handling Code Tem p. Range Package Code Package Code SO P-8 Operating Junction Tem p. Range to °C Handling Code TU.

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Aapm page is not wpm to keep you from following the link you’ve clicked on. It is just a warning that you are about to leave this website. To go to this aom, click the link below.

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Log In Play Free. You can view the post through the following link http: As an Engineer and one very familiar with MATLAB let me first say that the work put into the testing and analysis contained in that post is very impressive.

Apm4925 – Apm 4925 Integrated Circuit

I, like many of you, wanted to see wpm the stat build held up both on the dummy and in live raid. Keep in mind that the testing done for their post was done under the assumption of numerous and specific conditions which can be found within the “DPS and Healer Assumptions” part of their post.


So with that said I was able to acquire the pieces needed to exactly match the suggested build. The following is the build in it’s entirety which from here on will be referred to as Build A.

For the dummy testing I did a sample testing of 5 parses back to back on a 1 Million dummy with the Shattered Armor Debuff applied. The following results are my numbers from those five parses. As there are MANY factors and variables that compose a parse please take these numbers for what they are.

This is not optimal testing but realistic testing designed to present some idea of what to expect so that an informed 495 could be made.

These tests were done using the exact same rotational priorities, opening rotation, stim, adrenal, inspiration etc. First zpm foremost, as stated earlier, ideally aapm test should be conducted many MANY times to gain a confident average.

With that said I personally felt that with my extensive experience with the class and spec, both on the dummy and off it, that this was good enough for me to formulate some kind of opinion that I could then present to you guys. On some fights this was a bit more dramatic and on others it was slightly less.

However across the board Build A held up either on par with Build B or ahead of it on all boss fights. There are obviously several considerations to account for during live fights such as strategy, RNG, uptime etc. Again though relying on experience with expected DPS per fight Build A appeared superior in all cases. While on the dummy this was not to apparent, it was however highly noticeable during boss fights.


So if you have problems with APM or if you have significant lag while playing then Build A may prove less useful. With that said I will be updating my Combat and Carnage guides in the coming days to reflect this build. After testing I was able to pull the highest parse to date. You can view that parse here. Keep in mind this is definitely a “lucky” parse so take it with a grain of salt so to speak.

Haha I thought I read this already when I saw your post in the other thread.

Soo it means carnage or combat need that alacrity more than crit. Originally Posted by ThermalKandalf.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. You are about to leave this website 4295 Posted by ThermalKandalf Soo it means carnage or combat need that alacrity more than crit If you look between the two build Parses the Crit differs only slightly so not as impactful, or dare I say “critical”, a concern Seriously though Crit has been that way for as long as I can remember.

Either with aapm lot of Crit or zero Crit the difference was always very little.