A new class of solid state matter called aperiodic crystals has since been From Modulated Phases to Quasicrystals: Structure and Properties. Aperiodic crystals: from modulated phases to quasicrystals. By T. Janssen, G. Chapuis, and M. de Boissieu. IUCr Monographs on. This opened the field of aperiodic crystals. An Incommensurate modulated crystal phases of quasicrystals, mathematicians had studied aperiodic tilings.

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Until the s all materials studied consisted of periodic arrays of unit cells, or were amorphous. A new class of solid state matter called aperiodic crystals has since been uncovered. It is a long range ordered structure, but without lattice periodicity.

It is found in a wide range of materials: Because of the lack of periodicity, the usual techniques for the study of structure and physical properties no longer work, and new techniques have to be developed. This book deals with the characterisation of the structure, the structure determination and the study of the physical properties, especially dynamical and electronic properties of aperiodic crystals. The treatment is based on a description in a space with more dimensions than three, the so-called superspace.

This allows us to generalise the standard crystallography and to look differently at the dynamics. The three main classes of aperiodic crystals, modulated phases, incommensurate composites and quasicrystals are treated from a unified point of view, which stresses similarities of the various systems. The book assumes as a prerequisite a knowledge of the fundamental techniques of crystallography and the theory of condensed matter, and covers the literature at the forefront of the field.


Since the first edition of this book inthe field of aperiodic crystals has developed considerably, with the discovery of new materials and new structures.

Progress has been made in structure determination, in the interpretation and understanding of the structural characteristics and in the calculation of electrons and phonons. This new edition reflects these new developments, and it includes discussions of natural quasicrystals, incommensurate magnetic and multiferroic structures, photonic and mesoscopic quasicrystals.

Aperiodic Crystals – Ted Janssen; Gervais Chapuis; Marc de Boissieu – Oxford University Press

The second edition also includes a aperiodjc of new exercises that give the reader an opportunityt to check their understanding of the material.

Description and Symmetry of Aperiodic Crystals 3. Mathematical Models for Quasicrystals 4. Origin and Stability 7.

Space Groups in Arbitrary Dimensions B.

He graduated in He became aperildic full professor at the University of Utrecht and inhe moved again to Nijmegen where he spent the rest of his career. He oriented his research activities to the fields of group theory in physics, crystallography and properties of aperiodic crystals, friction theory and nonlinear dynamics. Inalong with A.

Aperiodic Crystals: From Modulated Phases to Quasicrystals – Oxford Scholarship

He later obtained his PhD in crystallography at the same institution. He continued his research in the field of resonant scattering for three years with Prof.

Templeton at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in California. Professor Chapuis has published over research papers on structures and properties of aperiodic crystals and is the author of several textbooks in the field of crystallography. He has also directed numerous PhD theses.

As an active member of the International Union of Crystallography IUCrhe is editor and co-editor of different scientific journals and media, chair and member of different committees. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Academic Skip to main content.


Aperiodic Crystals: From Modulated Phases to Quasicrystals

Choose your country or region Close. Ebook This title is available as an ebook.

To purchase, visit your preferred ebook provider. Structure and Properties Second Edition Ted Vrom, Gervais Chapuis, and Marc de Boissieu International Union of Crystallography Monographs on Crystallography Detailed introduction tot eh field of aperiodic crystals Overview of various families of aperiodic crystals including incommensurate structures, composites and quasi crystals Encompasses the field of quasicrystals and gives an excellent introduction to the subject of the Chemistry Nobel Prize awarded to Dan Shechtman Extends and generalizes the concept of quasicrystals in the framework of aperiodic crystals New to this Edition: Includes new materials and new structures discovered since first edition Discusses new developments including natural quasicrystals, incommensurate magnetic and multiferroic structures, photonic and mesoscopic quasicrystals Reflects recent progress made in structure determination, the interpretation and understanding of structural characteristics and the calculation of electrons and phonons A number of new exercises included.

Reviews from previous edition “very timely Symmetry of Crystals and Molecules Mark Ladd. Intermetallics Walter Steurer and Julia Dshemuchadse.

Biomedical Fluid Dynamics Troy Shinbrot.