Numerous kinds of content repositories are provided these days, some of them are Open source like Apache Jackrabbit while others are still closed source and. You could look also at Silverpeas code. It’s using Jackrabbit with some simple code to create nodes, browse them etc. For example take a look. Readers performing this tutorial have just finished an overview of Apache Jackrabbit and the JCR specifications and are looking for examples.

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We just want the single string value, so we use the Property.

Apache Jackrabbit – Starting From Scratch – Programmer Vs World

The Repository interface represents a given content repository instance and the Session interface represents a single login session for accessing the repository. For example take a look into https: Redis Enterprise as a Database for Microservices. Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions or browse the archives of the user and development mailing lists see also the searchable archives at The Mail Archive, Gmane, and Nabble for answers to questions not covered by the documentation pages.

Email Required, but never shown. This hop has a lot of similarities with the Second Hop example: Having a reference to the root node allows us to easily store and retrieve content in the current workspace. As discussed in the First Hop example, a login with GuestCredentials returns an anonymous read-only session in the Jackrabbit default configuration.

If you like, you could even split the example application into three pieces for respectively storing, retrieving, and removing the example content. Likewise, other operations like deleting and editing files can be performed on content stored in the repository.


In our POM lets add the following section to the root of the project:. Items or contents in node store are managed in nodes. In order to execute the main method of our console application in Maven, we will need to add a plugin that will allow us to run our project using Maven.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. We need oak-jcrjcrand mongo-java-driver dependencies for using Jackrabbit libraries and connecting to MongoDB server.

Apache Jackrabbit – First Hops

You probably have an error in your classpath tutofial if you get a ClassNotFoundException message when trying to compile or run the examples below. You can use the system properties org. Such a split would not work unless we persisted the changes we make. The main function of a content repository is allow applications to store and retrieve content.

This keeps us from having to go to our target directory and run our jars by hand, however if you are more comfortable running them that way, it should be fine. That is, they are either assigned newly created identifiers upon addition or upon save.

It also provides features like full-text search.

The path syntax follows common file system conventions: The type for the node we created earlier is “nt: This way other sessions could also access the example content we just created. Our login is using a set of Credentials another interface called SimpleCredentials. Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. There is also Crash which enables you to add a shell to jackrabbi running repository.

Without this call all changes will be lost forever when the session is closed.


Creating a Content Repository Using Jackrabbit Oak and MongoDB

The core audience is seated in a classroom environment. You can also take a look at the various JCR and Jackrabbit applications to get an idea of what to do with a content repository. You can also compile and run this class just like you did in the first hop example. Oak Storage Flavors Oak comes with two node storage flavors: Don’t worry about embedding it yet into an application.

Tika in Action by Jukka Zitting, Chris Mattmann

Apache Jackrabbit is designed to be included with your project and not an appliance that stands on its own. Notice how we have to pay special attention to the multi-value properties, because that impacts the way we use them:.

Like the added nodes, also the property is first created in the transient storage associated with the current session. Java provides a content repository specification JCR that defines how to access content bi-directionally on a granular level within a content repository.

This deserializes an XML document and adds the resulting item subgraph as a child of the node at the provided path. The changes are written to the persistent repository storage and they become visible to all sessions accessing the same workspace.

This is the primary repository we will be using with our samples and represents the most common repository used with other applications. So starting the repository may not be that obvious at present time, but its really easy to do.