See 12 photos from 93 visitors to Anorganik Kimya Laboratuvarı. İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi Kimya Bölümü. ANORGANİK KİMYA LABORATUVARI (KIM E). Experiments. Some metal complexes of a Schiff’s base. Get this from a library! Anorganik kimya. [Namık Kemal Tunalı; Saim Özkar].

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Its application to living cellsTalanta, B-Chem, — Erdemir, C arcinogenicdirect azo dye removal from aqueous solution by amino-functionalizedcalix[4]arenesJ.

Photobio A, 15— Luminescence, — Luminescence86— ErdemirCalixarene-based resptors for molecular recognitionTurk.

Alici, A novel colorimetric and fluorescent sensor based oncalix[4]arene possessing triphenylamine unitsSpectrochimActa A-M, Synthesis and characterizationSynthetic Commun. ErdemirSynthesis of anortanik chiralSchiff base and amino alcohol derivatives of calix[4]arene and chiralrecognition propertiesJ.

Kocyigit, Synthesis andelectrochemical properties of calix[4]arene derivatives containing ferroceneunits in the kkimya and 1,3-alternate conformationTetrahedron68, Ersoz, Calix[4]arene derivative bearing imidazole groups as carrier for the transport of palladium by using bulk liquid membraneJ. Yilmaz, Immobilization of novel the semicarbazone derivatives of calix[4]arene onto magnetite nanoparticles for removal of Cr VI ionJ.

  ASTM D1603 PDF

Yilmaz, Sorption of Cu II onto silica gelimmobilized calix[4]arene derivative with tripodal structureJ.

Yilmaz, Preparation and chromatographic performance of calix[4]crown-5 macrocycle bonded silica stationary phaseJ.

Yilmaz, Preparation of a new1,3-alternate-calix[4]arene-bonded HPLC anorganok phase for the separation ofphenols, aromatic amines and drugsTalanta82, Yilmaz, Extraction ofcarcinogenic aromatic amines from aqueous solution using calix[n]arenederivatives as carrierJ.

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Yilmaz, Synthesis of calix[n]arene-basedsilica polymers for lipase immobilization xnorganik, J. Yilmaz, Effect of the glutaraldehyde derivatives of Calix[n]arene as cross-linker reagents on lipase immobilizationJ.

Yilmaz, Preparation, characterization ofcellulose-grafted with calix[4]arene polymers for the adsorption of heavymetals and dichromate anionsJ. Yilmaz, Synthesis and amino acid extraction abilities of chiral calix[4]arene triamides containing amino alcohol unitsJ.

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Its application to living cellsTalanta, 2. B-Chem, — 3.

B-Chem , — 4. B-Chem, — 6.

Photobio A, 15—21 7. B-Chem,— Luminescence, — Luminescence86—90 Struct ,