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Modero, Nxdvi • Read online or download PDF • AMX Modero NXDVi User Manual. View and Download AMX NXDVi operation/reference manual online. 10” Modero Wall/Flush Mount Touch Panel with Intercom. NXDVi Touch Panel . Office Manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline.

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AMX is not liable for any damages caused by nxd-1000vo products or for the failure of its products to perform. This includes any lost profits, lost savings, incidental damages, or consequential damages. A,x AMX Software is licensed, not sold. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: G4 Web Control Page S Embedded Codes Appendix D – Wireless Technology Composite or S-Videodata via Ethernetand audio to Modero touch panels located up to feet NXDVi panels are ideally suited for displaying full motion video and audio with overlay graphics for applications with demanding visual requirements.

The Ethernet port automatically negotiates the connection speed 10 Mbps or Mbpsand whether to use half duplex or full duplex mode. This box facilitates the installation and distribution of video, data, and audio to Modero touch panels located up to feet This internal card is field-upgradeable within both models of panels.

This card works with compatible Ch 1 – 14 – Japan Gently slide the connector overlay away from the back box housing. Unscrew the outer housing back box by using a grounded Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the two sets of pan-head Housing Screws, located on both sides of the housing FIG. To complete the upgrade process, either upgrade the remaining wireless card Step 3 or close and re- secure the enclosure using the procedures in Step 3: Re-install the faceplate back onto the panel.

Refer to the Installing the Button Trim Ring section on page 24 for more detailed faceplate installation information. The unit is also shipped with an included Trim Ring containing no button openings a No-Button Trim Ring that allows amc, if desired, to change the default configuration of the NXD panel Faceplate to that with no-button openings. Ring and the outer surface of the Faceplate. Make xnd-1000vi to align the Microphone, Light, and PIR Motion sensor locations on the main unit to their respective openings on the Faceplate assembly.

Faceplate and that there are no gaps between this Trim Ring and the outer surface of the Faceplate. This section describes the installation procedures for the most common installation scenario.

The following sections describe mounting nxd-1000vj touch panel directly into a pre-wall conduit box, a solid surface or drywall, and optional NXA-RK10 Rack Mount Kit for installation. The unit must be installed with the attached connectors before being inserted into the conduit box.

Verify that the terminal end of the power cable is not connected to a power source before plugging in the 2-pin power connector. Carefully insert the main unit with expansion clips into the cutout until the Mounting Tabs on the NXD unit lie flush against the wall. The drywall clip set must be re-ordered from AMX if the drywall clip is bent accidentally during an installation or removed during a re-installation.


AMX Modero NXDVi User Manual | pages

Mounting screwsincluded are secured through two sets of circular holes located at the left and right sides of the NXDVi. The most important thing to remember when mounting the NXD Wall Mount is that the outer frame Mounting Tabs must be installed flush against the mounting surface. The unit must be installed with the necessary connectors before being inserted into the solid surface.

Carefully slide the main unit into the cutout until the Mounting Tabs of the NXDVi unit lie flush against the wall. Reconnect the terminal power connector on the 12 VDC-compliant power supply and apply power. Use the power requirements information page 3 to determine the power draw.

L – Link LED green lights when lights when receiving or the Ethernet cables are connected transmitting Ethernet and terminated correctly. These input devices can consist of a keyboard or mouse. If the crosshairs do not appear directly below your LCD touch points, press the Back button and re- calibrate the panel using the above hxd-1000vi.

Use the options in the Setup pages to access panel information and make various configuration changes. The Wireless Access Point communication parameters nxd-1000fi match those of the pre-installed wireless CF card inside the panel.

The panels allow users to connect to a wireless network through their use of the pre-installed AMX This address must be obtained before Static assignment of the panel continues. Press the Wireless Settings button located on the lower-left to open the Wireless Settings page.

Text Settings dialog FIG. An Open security method does not utilize any encryption methodology but does require that an SSID alpha-numeric be entered.

Using this method causes network packets to be sent out as unencrypted text. If this field is left blank, the unit will attempt to connect to the first available WAP. Remember that you will need to navigate to the System Settings page and configure the connection to a target Master. Verify the panel has been configured to communicate with the Wireless Access Point and verify the signal strength quality bargraph is On.

Launch NetLinx Studio 2. By selecting URL, the System Number field becomes read-only grey because the panel pulls this value directly from the communicating target Master virtual or not. The default value is Press Done when you are finished entering the value. The remaining fields within the G4 Web Control Settings section of this page are read-only and cannot be altered.

A small circle appears within the on-screen G4 panel page and corresponds to the location of the mouse cursor. A left-mouse click on the computer-displayed panel page equates to an actual touch on the target G4 panel page.

Calibration section on page The latest NXDVi firmware kit file is now panel-specific. Only NXDVi firmware should be loaded onto this specific panel type. This new firmware also provides both backwards compatibility with the previous Navigate back to the System Settings page. If the panel firmware being used is not current, download the latest Kit file by first logging in to www. Master virtual or not. Master, and populates the System list with devices on your particular system.


AMX NXD-1000Vi Operation/reference Manual

Confirm the panel has been properly updated to the correct firmware version. Refer to both the Protected Setup Navigation Buttons section on page 78 and the Protected Setup Page section on page 67 for more detailed information.

Display timeout values ndx-1000vi battery performance. Small timeout values increase the life of the battery charge.

Greater timeout values may require more frequent battery charging. The Information button provides a menu to select either the Project Information Page section on page 70 or the Panel Information Page section on page Select either option to access that page.

Displays the purchase order information. Displays the amount of Compact Flash memory available on the Modero panel.

Environmental acoustics, personal voice level and ambient noise are all deciding factors when nxs-1000vi your mic, intercom and panel sound levels. Consider your environment when adjusting intercom and sound levels and use caution so as not to damage the speaker.

Opens a keypad that is used to set and display the current device number. Sets the NetLinx Master communication values EAP technology some of which require the upload of unique certificate files to a target panel. Refer to the Appendix B – Wireless Technology section on page 1 for more further information. Enter the secondary DNS address for this panel. Domain Enter a unique name to the panel for DNS look-up.

This Key generator is unique to Modero panels and does not generate the same keys as non-AMX wireless devices.

AMX NXD-1000Vi Computer Monitor User Manual

For example, a Current Key string generated anywhere else will not match those created on Modero pan- els. WAP, not in the firmware. Server, also known as a Radius server. The configuration fields described below take variable length strings as inputs. An on-screen keyboard is opened when these fields are selected. LEAP Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol was developed to transmit authentication information securely in a wireless network environment.

This works in tandem with the Password string which is similar to the password entered to gain access to a secured workstation. Typ- ically, this is in the form of a username such as: Opens an on-screen keyboard. Enter the network password string specified Typically, this is in the form of a username such as: Enter an IT provided alpha-numeric string which similar to the username used as the identity, but that does not repre- sent a real user.

PKCS12 First file contains the client certificate, second file not supported not supported contains the private key. Calibrate button through your VNC window. This action causes the panel to go to the Calibration page seen above, where you can physically re-calibrate the actual touch panel again using the above procedures. Displays the maximum number of users that can be simultaneously connected Connections to this panel via VNC.

Move around the panel and block the direct or indirect light from the room fixtures with your body.