Thank you for making the Alesis MultiMix USB a part of your studio. .. If you are using one of the MultiMix 8 USB’s internal effects, this knob controls the. To enable your MULTIMIX 8 USB FX to send and receive audio to and from your computer, follow the instructions below for your computer’s operating system. Thank you for making the Alesis MultiMix 8 USB a part of your studio. Since , we’ve studio equipment available to everyone, and this Reference Manual.

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I aleeis the Alesis Multimix 8 about six months ago and am so grateful I did. It has taken my recordings to the next level. I don’t know where I’d be without it. The product does, however, have some setbacks, that may have been taken care of in the later models. It is not a high quality, professional mixer, but if you are looking for a good piece of equipment to start recording to a computer with, this is your product.

It’s very easy to use, and as has not broken or shut uab on me once. The three flaws I’ve found with it are that it 1 only lets your record 1 stereo track at a time; 2 it will only work if it is plugged into msnual computer before you turn the computer on and; 3 it was difficult to get the audio driver to work on my computer.

These are minor flaws, but they are noticeable none the less.

Alesis iMultiMix 8 USB Reference Manual

The stereo recording flaw is alright because you can split up the tracks to go into the left or right channels, so you can really record up to 8 channels, on 2 separate tracks at time. One more thing, which I believe may be fixed in the version that has a USB 2. This could also, however, been attributed to a slow processor or slow sound card. Now for the technical questions: This mixer is not rackable.


There are high, mid, and low eq’s for each channel. There is an on board effect program that has different effects, although most of them are chorus, reverb, delay, pitch change, or a combination of a few. And you can only use one effect at a time. The sampling rate is a There is no automation supported.

The product includes Cubase, and it also works with just about any other recording program. All the functions are clear as day and the manual and online support makes everything much easier to learn if you have any questions.

I did not pick up any hiss from the mixer and the EQ was fine. The console appears to be transparent. The on-board eq’s are kind of lame, so I’m marking it down a few points because of that, but everything else worked out ok.

You have to re-boot your computer to fix it. I think that for the price, the mixer is alright, although, I might look for it second hand to save a little money, since it is built strong and has not broken on me yet. Did you find this review helpful? It’s a reliable mixer, according to its price. Though it doesn’t have the most upgrated settings. For technical information, see the Alesis site, complete rev. The qualiseur is good. The functions are all clear and trs trs easily accessible.

The manual is nickel except on one point: Trs slight hiss if you push it, normal. I draw a good sound, while acceptable. Two channels max stro what.


Alesis MULTIMIX 8 USB FX Manuals

Apparently the version of FireWire makes this function, it is this last that I recommend – and I’ll buy ds that I sold it. I took her because she had 4-way mic, Xlesis effects, and a lot of rglages. It is compact and quite complte, lack dtails 2 or 3, as the “mute” for example.

But the price is really good. Reading quickly do the manual, it is taken in hand soon trs.

Alesis Multimix 8 USB 2.0 FX Manuals

The buttons are a little too close to each other. Gain control of each track is a bit misplaced. But overall, it’s correct trs. I was not yet used the USB port.

There aun little breath, especially when you push the treble or bass to the max. Like when you push the gain more than half. But it is a breath bearable. In any case, the qualiseur works. It lacks some precision, but doing a good job. Trs and the effects are correct. Y ‘a course that does not serve anything. But rverbe or chorus are good. Must be the rgler. I had an entry-Phonic 2-way forward.

Well, is has nothing to do! In its class and this price, it is a value. I would do srement choice.

Main monitoring and manusl outputs balanced jack 6. If I had a problem with the instalation of the driver would have said that nothing faireaucune operating instructions supplied Cubase LE even trivial Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

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