harta pusaka, udg2 pemperuntukkan bahawa mahkamah sivil mempunyai bidang kuasa walaupun melibatkan org. Islam melalui Akta Probet dan Pentadbiran. MPHONLINE | Akta Probet Dan Pentadbiran | | Ilbs | Intl Law Book Services | Books | Law-and-Statutes. Grant of probate to executor. 4. Restrictions on grant. 5. Executor not to act while administration is in force. 6. Right of proving executors to exercise powers. 7.

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Short title and commencement 2. Grant of probate to executor 4. Restrictions on grant 5. Executor not to act while administration is in force 6. Right of proving executors to exercise powers 7. Cesser of right of executor to prove 8. Effect of renunciation Withdrawal of renunciation Executor of executor represents original testator Grant of representation to a trust corporation Death of one of several executors, etc.

Codicil propounded after probate On failure of executors Letters of administration until will is produced Letters of administration pendente lite Letters of administration of trust property Letters of administration to collect and preserve property Grants with exception Probate of copy or draft or of contents Administration with copy annexed of authenticated copy of will proved abroad Administration when limited grant expired and still some part of estate unadministered Discretion of Court as to persons to whom administration is to be granted Result of grant of administration Continuance of prrobet proceedings after revocation of temporary administration Revocation of grant Bond by creditor who is administrator Assignment of bond Vesting penatdbiran property of an intestate Power of the Dann relating pentavbiran proving and renunciation Order to bring in will, etc.

Death of payee Executor’s or administrator’s commission Section Probate and Administration 5 Funeral and testamentary expenses allowed Receiver pending grant Application of rules relating to receivers Offence in relation to property of which receiver appointed No suit against receiver Powers of Court to re-seal Application to British Courts in foreign countries Provision of Estate Duty Security on re-sealing letters of administration Security for creditors in Malaysia Notice of sealing Rights of action of personal representative Power of personal representative to dispose of property Purchase by personal representative of deceased’s property Duty of personal representative as to inventory Transfer of assets to personal representative in country of domicile of deceased for distribution Protection of persons acting on probate or administration Liability of a person fraudulently obtaining or retaining estate of deceased Property of deceased is asset for payment of debts Duties of representatives Administration of assets Charges on property of deceased to be paid primarily out of the property charged Contracts by personal representatives Assent or conveyance by personal representative Right to follow property and powers of the Court in relation thereto Powers of personal representative as to appropriation Power to appoint trustees of minor’s property Obligations of personal representative as to giving possession of land and powers of the Court Grant of letters of administration to the Corporation in cases of delay Undistributed funds may be passed to the Corporation Restrictions on grant 4.

Provided that– a the Court may in its discretion and for such special reasons as it may think fit grant administration to one individual; and b the Court in granting administration may act on such prima facie evidence, furnished by the applicant or any other person, as to whether or not there is a minority or life interest, as may be prescribed.

Probate and Administration 11 4 This section applies to grants of representation made after the commencement of this Act whether the testator or intestate dies before or after the commencement. Executor not to act while administration is in force 5. Where administration has been granted in respect of any estate of a deceased person, no person shall have power to bring any action or otherwise to act as executor of the deceased person in respect of the estate comprised in or affected by the grant until the grant has been recalled or revoked.

Right of proving executors to exercise powers 6. Cesser of right of executor to prove 7.

Where a person appointed executor by a will– a survives the testator but dies without having taken out probate of the will; b is cited to take out probate of the will and does not appear to the citation; or c renounces the probate of the will, his rights in respect of the executorship shall wholly cease, and the representation to the testator and the administration of his estate shall devolve and be committed in like manner as if that person had not been appointed executor.


The renunciation, whether made expressly in the manner provided by section 8 or constructively in penttadbiran manner provided by section 9, shall preclude the person so renouncing from applying thereafter for representation: Provided that the Court may at any time allow the person so renouncing to withdraw his renunciation for the purpose of taking a grant, if it is shown that the withdrawal is for the benefit of the estate or of those interested under the will or intestacy.

Provided that this provision shall not apply to an executor who does not prove the will of his testator, and, in the case of an executor provet on his death leaves surviving him some other executor of his testator who afterwards proves the will of that testator, it shall cease to apply on probate being granted.

Probate and Administration Act (Revised )

Where, after probate has been granted, a codicil of the will is propounded, separate probate may be granted of the codicil: Provided that where the codicil expressly or impliedly revokes the appointment of any executor to whom probate has been granted, the probate shall be revoked, and a new probate granted of the will and codicil together. Where– a no executor is appointed by a will; Probate and Administration 15 b the executor or all the executors appointed by will are legally incapable of acting as such, or have renounced; c no executor survives the testator; d all the executors die before obtaining probate or before having administered all the estate of the deceased; or e the executors appointed by any will do not appear and extract probate, letters of administration with the will annexed may be granted to such person as the Court deems fit to administer the estate: Provided that a prior right to the grant shall belong to the following persons in the following order: Qualifications of administration with will annexed Section 15 shall apply in the case of grant of letters of administration with the will annexed, in like manner as it applies in the case of a grant of probate; and in any case where administration with the will annexed is granted the will of a deceased shall be performed and observed in a like manner as if probate thereof had been granted to an executor.

When no will of the deceased is forthcoming, but there is reason to believe that there is a will in existence, letters of administration may be granted, limited until the will or an authenticated copy thereof is produced. Pending any probate action, letters of administration may be granted to such person as the Court may appoint, limited so that the administrator shall not be empowered to distribute the estate, and shall be subject to such control by, and direction of, the Court, as the Court deems fit; and subject to that limitation the administrator so appointed shall have all the rights and powers of a general administrator.

No representation shall be granted to a person of unsound mind, but where any such person, if of sound mind, would be entitled to representation, letters of administration with or without the will annexed may, subject to section 4, be granted to the person to whom the care of his estate has been lawfully committed, or to such person as to the Court seems fit, for the use and benefit of the person of unsound mind, until he becomes of sound mind and obtains a grant to himself.

Where a person dies, leaving property in which he had no beneficial interest on his own account, and does not leave a representative who is able and willing to act, letters of administration, limited to that property, may be granted to the person beneficially interested in the property, or to some other person on his behalf.

Probate and Administration 17 Letters of administration to collect and preserve property In any case in which it appears necessary for preserving the property of aka deceased person, the Court may grant to any person whom the Court thinks fit, or to the Corporation, letters of administration limited to the collection and preservation of the property of the deceased, and giving discharge of debts due to his estate, subject to the directions of the Court; and the person so appointed shall have power to dispose of all assets of the estate of a akat or perishable nature and invest the proceeds of sale.


Grant with exception A grant of probate or letters of administration may be made subject to such exception as the will or the circumstances prboet the case require; and in any such case a further grant may be made of the part of the estate so excepted.

Akta Probet dan Pentadbiran (Disemak – )

Where a will has been lost or mislaid after the death of the testator, or where a will cannot for any sufficient reason be produced– a if a copy or draft thereof is produced, and it appears that the copy or draft is identical in terms with the original, probate may be granted of the copy or draft, limited until the original is admitted to probate; and b if no copy or draft thereof is produced, probate may be granted of the contents of the will, if they can be sufficiently established, limited as above described, unless the will is a privileged will not in writing.

Where a will has been destroyed, otherwise than by the act or with the consent of the testator, probate may be granted of a copy or draft thereof, or akt the contents thereof, if they can be sufficiently established.

When a will has been proved and deposited in a court of competent jurisdiction situated beyond the limits of Malaysia, and a properly authenticated copy of the will is produced, probate may be granted of the copy, or letters of administration may be granted with a copy of that copy annexed. When a limited grant has expired by effluxion of time or the happening of the event or contingency on which it was limited, and there is probett some part of the deceased’s estate unadministered, letters of administration may be granted to those persons to whom original grants might have been made.

Akta Probet dan Pentadbiran 1959 (Disemak – 1972)

Where a person who would be entitled to representation is absent from Malaysia, the following provisions shall apply: In granting administration the Court shall have regard to the rights of all persons interested in the estate of the deceased person or in the proceeds of sale thereof, and, in particular, administration with the will annexed may be granted to a devisee or legatee; and in regard to land settled previously to the death of the deceased, and not by his will, administration may be granted to the trustees of the settlement; and any such administration may be limited in any way the Court thinks fit: Provided that, where the deceased died wholly intestate as to his estate, administration shall, if application is made for the purpose, be granted to some one or more of the persons interested in the residuary estate of the deceased, unless by reason of the insolvency of the estate or other special circumstances the Court thinks it expedient to grant administration to some other person.

Every person to whom administration of the estate of a deceased person is granted shall, subject to the limitations contained in the grant, have the same rights and liabilities and be accountable in like manner as if he were the executor of the deceased.

If, while any legal proceedings are pending in any court by or against the administrator to whom a temporary administration has been granted, that administration is revoked, that court may order that the proceedings be continued by or against the new personal representative, in ean manner as if the same had been originally commenced against him, but subject to such conditions and variations, if any, as that court directs.

Any person having, or claiming to have, any interest may, at any time after the death of a deceased person and before representation has been granted to his estate, enter a general pentadviran in the prescribed form, so that no representation shall be granted without notice to the caveator; and after entry of any such caveat no representation shall be made until the caveator has been given opportunity to contest the right of any petitioner pentadbbiran representation.

Any probate or letters of administration may be revoked or amended for any sufficient cause. Probate and Administration 21 Bond by creditor who is administrator