: Akai BP Remote Control (PTHD, PTHD, HCM, HCMW) tested with batteries: Home Audio & Theater. Archived from groups: (More info?) Hello all, A friend of mine is looking. I HAVE A AKAI PTHD TV AND WHEN I PUT ON THE AUTO FOCUS THE TV KEEPS TRYING TO FOCUS ENDLESSLY BUT DOES’NT.

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It hadn’t occurred to me that the built-in tv tuner for this television works on the same principle as the vcr’s tuner, and so sometimes the tv has trouble making a spectacular image from its own tuner not digital. I also compared the Pt429h8d features to that of the current Samsung model HCNWand the only pt4298ud I found aside from their color were that the Samsung model includes the DVI Digital Video Interface connection, as well as an additional set of component video inputs.

I am in a fix whether to buy or not. Posted on Thursday, March 11, – So my new edition to my entertainment center is the Home Theater Master MX universal remote control I wouldn’t recommended anyone doing it unless they are comfortable with taking things apart and are very patient and organized.

If it break two years from now they will give you a full return and you can upgrade. Gombo Posted on Friday, June 13, – Overall, I’m still pr4298hd happy with ptt4298hd purchase.

Akai model PTHD projection/digital 42″ and above tv genuine parts

This hook up will give you the ability to watch two different channels via PIP. Thanks, Curt in AK. Its not the problem. I got the 47″ from Costco and the very front screen is textured.


Posted on Sunday, May 09, – Posted on Wednesday, April 07, – It’s noticable when I’m watching something that has a straight line across the bottom of the screen, like the scrolling news bars on news channels, letterboxes, etc. Try doing that at Circuit City or Best Buy. MODE button or by making a selection from the menu. It’s been working fine, but it wasn’t as clear as the display in the store. I have A LCD home theater projector that natively projects in Seems like Skai of inaccuracies to me.

Akai PT4298HD Owner’s Instructions Manual

The only way for sound to come out anywhere else is to plug the xbox audio inputs into another source such as a receiver or some powered speakers. The only question is can we wipe down the black textured screen when it gets dusty? The on-screen menus disappear from the screen after thirty seconds. What Samsung model is this similar with? The only problem I have is that when I watched abc channel 7, there is a green edge line on the face of the people on television, but this only happens on channel 7.

Sound will come out the tv if you have the rca inputs for the xbox plugged in. And the box even fit into a minivan. Thanks in advance for the info. Is that the anti-glare akkai

The reason we bought the Akai was that the Sony was dying. Posted on Wednesday, September 22, – When playing a 4: Posted on Tuesday, July 29, – I guess you really can’t go wrong. It’s fast and easy to create one.


Model #PT4298HD Akai projection/digital 42″ and above tv

Posted on Tuesday, July 06, – Posted on Monday, March 15, – Posted on Tuesday, June 22, – Amai greatly appreciate to hear if anyone has and can explain the process.

Don’t show me pt4298gd message again. Whatever I’m watching, when there is white text or white object with a dark background, the white “bleeds” to the right. Also of note, I bought the Samsung model TRN stand for the television, and it fits perfectly, however the stand is painted a darker shade of silver than most of the Akai television there’s a patch of darker silver on the front of the Akai that the stand matches. Member Exclusive Not a member? Posted on Saturday, April 10, – Anonymous Posted on Tuesday, August 19, – Sometimes it’s okay, and sometimes it’s not so okay.

Anyone else have lt4298hd problem? When changing any aakai them for leakage order the crt pt4928hd boards complete 3 card assembly with focus assembly also. I hooked it up to my home theatre system, and all I do is turn my TV volume all the way down don’t use mute as it displays mute on the screen and the sound comes out just fine through my theatre system.

Be sure to use the remote control for the convergence adjustments. If you get any info, please keep me in the loop.