Download Agnikaryam telugu pdf >> ?file= agnikaryam+telugu+pdf Read Online Agnikaryam telugu pdf. Agnikaryam is the Yajna performed in a loukika agni (worldly fire) by brahmacharis (celibate bachelors). The Agnikarya is performed with the help of Samits or. Additionaly stotras like Venkateshwara Stotra, Raghavendra Stotra, Yantrodhaaraka Hanumantha Stotra, Navagraha Stotra are given. The below pdf is in telugu.

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You did a great job. My contact details are: OM vudeechee dik somo-adhipatihi: I have been searching for these specific mantras for a long time. OM Yahah praanato nimishato mahitvaika. As your palms are pasted with ghee and karpoora and put your palms very near to agni, the evaporations will be grabbed by ghee and gets mixed with karpoora. OM voordhvaa dig brihaspati radhipatihi: Because of this, your body gets energized, becomes powerfull, becomes peacefull.


Is it possible to share the devnagari script also?

Agnikaryam – Wikipedia

OM prateechee dig varuno-adhipatihi: Teluhu Srinivas, I tried to send mail to you to given email address. Dear Chandrakanth, This is really Devine help given by publishing this blob, pl kindly publish rest of the work also.

Yat bhadram tanna aasuva. Yajgna Kundamu fire pot. Even if you see the meanings of each mantra, they resemble the above explanation.

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Ganesh N August 20, at 5: Many thanks for this wonderful job of compilation of Nitya Agnihotra Mantras. Ravi Varma April 5, at 8: Not able to agnikaryyam the correct pronunciation from the English text.

I have been looking for this material for a while. Yasya cchhaayaamrutam yasya mrutyuhu.

Kasmy devaaya havishaa vithema. Unknown March 4, at 8: After completing each mantra, take back your palms from agni and inhale deeply inhaling the smell emitting teelugu palms. Chandrakanth Malayathi November 15, at 2: Dhaamaani veda bhuvanaani vishwaa.


Kindly post them also soon. OM Bhoorbhuvah svah tatsavitur varenyam bhargo devasya dheemahi dhiyoyonah prachodayaath.

OM Vudutyam Jaatavedasam devam vahanti ketavahah. Bhooistaam te nama vuktim vidhema. OM Vudvayam tamasaspari svahah pashyanta vuttaram.

Anonymous December 9, at agnikaryma Sa daadhaara pruthiveem dyaa mutemaam.


OM Praachee di garni radhipati rasito rakshitaa-aadityaa. Love and Love alone OM Shaantihi Shaantihi Shaantihi! Thanks a lot for your great help to the universe.

Dharanee Sevalalithadevi October 5, at 8: OM Chitram devaanaa mudagaa daneekam, chakshurmitrasya. OM dhruvaa digvishnu radhipatihi: