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Discussion in ‘ General Datashee Chat ‘ started by stoopkidAug 8, Aug 8, 1. Mar 3, 1. I’m working on a guitar pedal that calls for a ac germanium pnp transistor and I was wondering why I might not want to just get a modern equivalent. Aug 8, 2.

Buying Germanium transistors in bulk? : diypedals

Nov 30, 18, 9, It depends on the circuit. Germanium has slightly different characteristics from silicon. If you post the circuit, people here will be able to tell if it makes any difference.

Aug 8, 3. The L on the pots means linear. I don’t know if that’s commonly understood, but I wasn’t aware. translstor

Aug 9, 4. Dec 20, 10, 1, It makes FUZZ sound which is extremely distorted sound. In my entire career I made circuits with extremely low distortion, not this noise.

Aug 9, 5. Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to achieve.

Are you saying that without these particular transistors I won’t get the fuzz sound? Aug 9, 6. Now datasheef we’ve heard from the man who has never worked with a distortion circuit, we can proceede.


Changing to a silicon transistor will change the sound, but it WILL fuzz. Try some 2N transistors from Radio Shack. Aug 9, datashdet. Oh just a small side question, do any of the components in that schematic require especially high voltage or wattage ratings? I wouldn’t have thought so but I’ve seen that be the case with guitar pedal stuff. Aug 9, 8. Jul 17, 22, 1, Aug 9, 9.

(PDF) AC128 Datasheet download

That’s what I thought but I wanted to be sure. Aug 9, The very old AC germanium transistor had a different base-emitter voltage requirement compared to a silicon yransistor and had a poor high frequency response so datqsheet will sound different to a silicon transistor.

Mar 21, Mar 21, 38 2. Hi Stoopkid, it’s a while ago now but just transixtor if you made the circuit, how it sounded and what you used in the end I’m no good at guitar but that should give an idea of what it sounds like. It will sound somewhat different depending on the transistors you end up with. I sold it a long time ago and never finished the second one so this video is all I have at the moment.

I just got some AC transistors from ebay and the rest was from newark. I’ve found some ac on ebay too so will give this a go. Thanks for getting back to me so quick. I don’t suppose you tranisstor or remember the hfe value of the ac that you used?


Does anyone know the likelihood of getting a bad one if it’s untested or what value is sensible for the hfe, or the effect of different hfe values with regard to a Fuzz effect pedal? PNP transistor help Posted by vilaemail in forum: Pnp transistor Posted by Peter basolo in forum: PNP transistor issues Posted by abcinc in forum: You May Also Like: Strides Towards Quantum Computing: Photon Wrangling with Nano-Antennae Good news for those looking forward to quantum computing.

A team of physicists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel have developed a single photon source that is not only compact, but also operates at ambient temperatures.

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