Liberation Movement Army on the Resolution of the Abyei Conflict”. DATE: 24/02/ Abyei Protocol. UNITED NATIONS MISSION IN SUDAN. Principles of. By Douglas H. Johnson December 10, — The Abyei Protocol and the Report of the Abyei Boundaries Commission (ABC) are once again. Abyei is claimed by both countries and has been a source of conflict in the The CPA included the Abyei Protocol, which planned to replace.

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Retrieved 21 March Why was there an Abyei Boundaries Commission? Lake Keilak is far to the north of that line. Archived from the original on 4 April Professor Pierre-Marie Dupuypresident H. The current impasse over the Abyei Protocol demonstrates that the Presidency has not yet demonstrated that it can resolve such disputes quickly or equitably.

The Abyei Protocol Demystified – Sudan Tribune: Plural news and views on Sudan

Or can lessons learned from the Abyei Protocol be applied to other areas of the North-South border to ensure that the rights of the peoples on both sides of the border are protected, and peaceful relations can be re-established protool maintained? Neither the Misseriya nor the Ngok Dinka provided contemporary documentation in support of their oral testimony.

In analysing the material collected, the experts have applied the generally accepted historical method of comparing oral with written material. Sudan Catholic Radio Network. However, the Abyei Protocol makes no reference to an administrative boundary in Abyei is the traditional homeland of the Ngok Dinka, a tribal group with strong ethnic, cultural, and linguistic ties to the Dinka of South Sudan.

Enough 101: What is the Abyei Area and Why is it Disputed?

You should come to your senses, protofol have been accessing Dinka Ngok,s land illeagally for more than a centuery, now the ABC have given you a leagal access to the areas, vast anyei, providing that you respect the traditional rules regulating the nomadic movements of the nomads.


The experts were chosen at the request of the two parties, as follows: Time to update the shorthand? Tools API – Real-time data stream to power next-generation apps. News and Press Release Language: Johnsonan author of several works on southern Sudan; Shadrack Guttoa lawyer from South Africa; and Donald Pettersona former ambassador to Sudan. There is no provision in the CPA that allows one party, in this case the NCP, to refuse to accept abyi decision and put another one in its place.

For the former district, see Abyei District. Chol Deng Alak [46] [59]. Can you please add more reference to this point, thanks. Following the violence of February and March, the Sudanese government deployed a contingent of or more soldiers to Abyei town on 31 March The precise borders of the area were to be determined by an Abyei Borders Commission ABCfollowed by a referendum commission to identify Messiria that are resident in Abyei and could thus vote in local elections in ; all the Ngok Dinka were to be considered resident, it being their traditional homeland.

Other sources consulted by the experts, but which had not been cited by the government delegation, revealed that before the Ngok Dinka were under no clear administrative jurisdiction but were visited prottocol administrators from both Kordofan and Bahr wbyei, and that there was confusion within the administration about the location of the Bahr el-Arab itself, a confusion that was not resolved until after ABC Report, Appendix 5.

RSS – Subscribe to information finely tuned to your needs. Bravo Douglas, but you must make your point accepted first by the citizens of Sudan repondre message. He is an historian who has been researching the history of the Sudan for some forty years. What material was submitted to the ABC? This is made intentionally by the National Aybei Party to mislead the citizenry and to create space for political manoeuvres.


There is no qualification stated here to accepting the Abyei Protocol. Retrieved from ” https: These boundaries are a continued source of tension, anyei because they cut the South off from the coveted Heglig oil field.

Abyei Protocol | UNMIS

Archived from the original on 20 November The Sudan Tribune claims that the Dajo people were located in the region of Abyei prior to the seventeenth century, before being displaced by new migrants.

The Abyei Protocol also established a precedent for settling border disputes between the northern and southern Sudan. Published on 15 Jan — View Original. This referendum was never held and continued attacks against Ngok Dinka led to the creation of Ngok Dinka unit in the small Anyanya II rebellion, which began in Upper Nile in You may now relaxed, for you have given your sound verdict to the two parties who were in desperate need of a second opinion,the SPLM and the NCP pleged before hand, that they will respect the findings, and when that verdict was revealed, one party went crazy, rejected the verdict, with out showing any sense of respect, accused the expert of exceeding thier mandate.

Archived from the original on 9 February South Sudan Opposition Alliance internal leadership change frication is disturbing and demoralizing public opinion. Archived from the original on 6 January There is, therefore, an area where the secondary rights of both peoples overlap.

A failure to resolve the North-South border will jeopardize the faithful implementation of the other protocols in the CPA dealing with security, wealth-sharing, proocol and the referendum.