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Press Release, June 19, ; New ABB DCS Drive, Ideal For Plastics Applications, Makes Quantum Leap In Dc Technology – Smallest. View and Download ABB DCS manual online. DCS Thyristor power converter for DC drive systems 20 to A 9 to kW. DCS DC Drives pdf . The DCS is a digital DC drive that was introduced in It was ABB’s first drive featuring a start-up assistant, and ease of use. The DCS is targeted at.

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II K 2. Control and Display Units of the DCS System overview DCS For operation, commissioning, diagnosis and for The coupling to an overriding system PLC takes controlling the drive, there are different possibil- place over a serial interface with a fibre-optic link ities available. Technical data 3 Technical Data 3. Recommended fuses must be used to provide short circuit protec- tion.

DCS field supply V Field voltage range related to 0,01 specified input voltage Fig. Overview of Software 4 Overview of software The software delivered may contain minor changes to the product described here. Parameter Function menu The parameters of the converter are subdivided into Special functions of the control panel are listed in the functional groups.

During start-up, the analog outputs, which reference value sources are used, etc. Overview of Software Overview of factory settings of macro-dependent parameters: Speed reference via analog input.

Speed reference via analog input 1. Speed can be defined in parameter 5. Overview of Software 1.

ABB DCS 400 DC Drive Dcs401.0610

DI2 has a higher priority than DI1, i. Start and stop the drive. Stop the drive in according to parameter Stop-Mode and afterwards switch the drive off. Auto Main con- 6. Stop the drive in according to parameter Stop-Mode and afterwards switch the drive off and resets speed reference to zero. Slower has precedence above faster.

External field reversal with external field reversing switch. Only for 2Q application. Overview of Software field reversal K3 energized 1. Closed-circuit principle, must be closed for operation.

COAST is the fastest way to stop the current controller. The dcs40 controller will decrease the armature current to zero as fast as possible.

This command will stop the drive so that the motor is left running and friction together with the load will decrease the speed to zero. The speed feedback with tachogenerator is set with The significance of the inputs are defined by a macro. Possible circuitry Since the xbb edges can Fig. This is not the case with the DCSwhose power section can be operated on a mains On the basis of the computed minimum permissible supply voltage of V…V without any further AMains Voltage Low will be generated.

The alarm range shifts when the Net Underv Trip 1. Overview of Software Monitoring the Mains Voltage: EMF is calculated by Ua actual Under full load condition, at full speed Overview of Software Without speed-dependent dca400 limiting 4. DCS is equipped with an overtemperature protec- tion on the heat sinks of the thyristors.


Overview of Software 4. This absolute Torque Lim Pos 3.

Overview of Software Armature current controller operating modes The speed of a DC motor is altered with the armature voltage. The range up to the point where the rated armature voltage is reached is referred to as the armature operating range. Overview of Software The overload phase is set using parameters Arm Cur 4. The recovery Controller phase is set using parameter Recovery Time 3. In order not to overload the Motor, the I t-plane of the A second parameter set is available for the speed two phases have to be identical Armature current controller Field Cur KP 4.

Overview of Software Speed controller After successful autotuning the following controller parameters are set: Overview of Software This internal scaling does not apply to the transmis- 4. In this kind of transmis- You can display all parameters of the DCS in their sion, decimal values are simply transmitted in binary physical quantities by means of operating panel or the form i.

Speed actual value Speed Act 5. This functionality is not available for macro 2, 3 and 4. Overview of Software ParNo. Otherwise an undervoltage trip will be generated. Parameter name and significance Default Unit custom. If Zero Speed Lev 5. This parameter indicates the control bits of the terminal block or of the bus communication.

Overview of Software custom. Parameter name and significance Default Unit setting Grp 4 Field 4.

This parameter adds a filter to the output of the ramp generator to create a ramp shape. Speed level below which the signal is issued that the motor has reached zero speed. Is used for stall protection, as a standstill message to the drive logic and for the generation of the Zero Speed signal.

Assignment identical with DO1 6. Parameter name and significance Default Unit setting Grp 7 Maintenance 7. Display of the DCS software version used. Display of the converter type: Parameter name and significance Default Unit setting Grp 7 Abn continued 7. Significance of the individual bits: All the pending alarms are displayed if the corresponding bits avb set to log.

Alarm definition 00 This can be done in two ways. Assignment identical with 9. If the consignment is incomplete or contains any incorrect items, please contact the supplier.

Makharia ABB DC Drives- DCS Series, Makharia Machineries Pvt. Ltd. | ID:

The technical data and specifications are valid as of going to press. The thyristor power converter weighs quite a lot and should therefore not be held by the front cover. Installation In operation, drive converters, depending on their degree of protec- The installation and cooling of the appliances shall be in accordance tion, may have live, uninsulated, and possibly also moving or rotating with the specifications in the pertinent documentation.

When these functions are executed, the unit will procedure for the state concerned is not meticulously complied with be reset after an error and will then resume operation. The conformity procedure is matter of responsibility of ABB Automation Products GmbH and of the machine manufactur- ers or the plant builders corresponding to their share of the ex- tension of the electrical equipment.


Installation Definitions Earth, earthing for safety Ground, grounding for EMC, connection with chassis or housing with low inductance Important instructions for dcs4400 with line fil- ters Filter in an earthed line TN or TT Network The filters are suitable for earthed lines only, for example in public European V lines. Europe for example with V between the phases. Such lines have an earthed neutral conduc- tor. ABB offers suitable three – phase filters for V and 25 A Installation Separation A separation transformer makes line chokes unnecessary because transformers of its leakage inductance, and a grounded screen between its windings saves an EMC filter, see and 4.

The screen and the iron core must be well connected with the mounting plate of the con- verter. Installation Screening Signal cables The cables for digital signals, which are longer than 3 m and all ca- bles for analogue signals, must be screened.

Each screen must be connected at both ends by metal clamps see figure 5. Installation Power cables If a screen is not necessary see 13 the armature current cable without screens must be a four-wire cable because two wires are needed as con- ductors for the parasitic RF currents from the motor to the RF filter in the cubicle. Installation Others Earthed public The rated voltages of a public European low voltage line are V low voltage between the 3 phases and V between a phase and the neutral lines conductor.

These voltages are provided by a transformer with its 3- phase secondary winding in star connection. Installation Industrial low Industrial low voltage lines dfs400 local lines in dcs00 or factories.

The loads tolerate higher noise levels. Therefore and because industrial lines xcs400 decoupled from public lines by their transformers and distances, converters do not need EMC filters at industrial low-voltage lines see 6. Installation Connection exam- See figure 5.

Installation Important hint The example shows the principle structure of a DC drive and its connections. It is not ds400 binding recommendation, and it cannot re- spect all conditions of a plant. Therefore each drive must be con- sidered separately and with respect to the special application. Addi- tionally avb general installation and safety rules must be taken into account. Connection examples Installation Installation 5. Operating Instructions Panel mode: Disabled if the drive is in ON-state.

Non-volatile memory – 16 Set Typecode Read Faultlogger entries. Guided Commissioning Operating Instructions The DCS converters of ABB offer the possibility This section describes the guided commissioning to have a guided commissioning by means of interac- with the panel.