Aasimar & Tiefling, A guidebook to the Palnetouched, is the latest in the Races of Renown series from Green Ronin Publishing. Weighing in at. This product presents additional feats, character options, prestige classes, equipment, and general roleplay suggestions for both Aasimar and Tieflings in D&D. Your Planar Adventure Begins Now! This exciting entry in the critically acclaimed Races of Renown series fully details aasimar and tieflings, as well as.

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Guidebook to the Planetouched Publisher: Dungeons and Dragons Reviewer: This is a review of Green Ronin product so I might as well use another Green Ronin product as an example.

It was a Freeport supplement where it became important that the characters were never able to find guidbeook forked metal rod in the entirely of Freeport lest they bugger off to a different Plane. The rod would have been a handy spell component. I like this example not just because it pokes fun at the difficulties of pre-written adventures and dangers of p,anetouched magic vs plot but because it shows both the strengths and weaknesses of the Planes.

Aasimar & Tiefling: A Guidebook To The Planetouched (Races of Renown)

You can do fantastic things with the Planes — like set an entire adventure in one in such a way that the players might not work out why things a little different. You can screw up games entirely with them too — like players avoiding your carefully constructed web of plot strands by nipping off to the Abyss for a brawl.

I quite like the no choice aspect and the suggestion of a raging war, far away, but vast enough to affect and effect your life. I guess the planetouched are a living breathing example of this. They have no choice of their heritage. The Aasimar and Tieflings are planetouched.


Aasimar & Tiefling: Guidebook to the Planetouched

They have either a celestial or fiendish ancestry. Planetuoched this book the phrase Planetouched was synonymous with Aasimars and Tieflings anyway. This supplement not only introduces more Planetouched but builds on the Bastards and Bloodlines half-race building rules to allow you to z hundreds of different types of Planetouched. Green Ronin has a criss-crossing catalogue of Plane inspired books. The book gets going by looking at Planetouched archetypes; are you a freethinker, a corruptor, outcast or tyrant.

This sort of thing is worth thinking about. I suspect many newbies eye up the Planetouched special abilities and fancy those. The book runs through the main classes and how either an aasimar or tiefling might full that role.

The book moves on to looking at the Aasimars and Tieflings as d20 supplements tend to look at other races. Orcs tend to be similar the world over, as with gnomes and elves. For my tastes the Aasimar and Tiefling book is too ready to treat all Aasimars like all other Aasimars and all Tieflings like all other Tieflings. You need to mix a humanoid with an outsider.

Why not a bugbear-titan or a hafling-night hag? The pre-designed and illustrated with a few annoying exceptions Planetouched creatures include the Fetch quasits and Halfling descendantsJinx gnomes and fiendsJanjanni human and geniesKhazerkas azers and dwarvesNergaz orc and demonSilvan elf and, um, some naff story about the Astral Plane and Similem invisible stalker and half-elf.

The Nergaz will make especially memorable foes. Chapter Two gets going with two examples of what comes before the Planetouched. Here we find the Half-Outsiders. The Planetouched are the children grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc of the Half-Outsider.

The Cambion half-fiend and Nephilim half-celestial are presented template style — with suitable bonuses rather than as a monster block. If you have a push over for a DM you might even get to play one as a character. Aasimar and Tiefling; A Guidebook to the Planetouched settles comfortably into the traditional role of a d20 supplement.


We have a chapter of feats. There are some strange feats here — Ancestry ones.

Aasimar & Tiefling: Guidebook to the Planetouched

I quite like Lantern Blood — which lets you create daylight and Night Skin which helps you hide. We continue in the tradition of d20 supplements and move on aasmar Prestige Classes.

The DM really needs to design a game with one or more of these prestige classes in mind before they can be used. There are nearly nine pages of new spells and guidegook new magic items and skills. Its form changes and undulates, as it warps and melts everything in its path.

There are a bunch of other monsters too — including the rather scary Organ Thief. A Guidebook to the Planetouched gets the thumbs up. I wish all the new planetouched had been illustrated. E-mail is already registered on the site.

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