Compact and high-speed hardware architectures and logic optimization methods for the AES algorithm Rijndael are described. Encryption and decryption data. look-up table logic or ROMs in the previous approaches, which requires a lot of hardware support. Reference [16] proposed the use of. Efficient Hardware Architecture of SEED S-box for . In order to optimize the inverse calculation, we . “A Compact Rijndael Hardware Architecture with. S- Box.

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In one case the multiplicative inverse in GF 2 8 is realized as look-up table, while the witj transformation is computed as in hardware techniques [ optjmization ]. DubeyCharanjit S. From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper. The optimal speed and hence higher efficiency is achieved when the state is taken single byte at a time.

Furthermore, these ensure no extra internal flip flops in between transitions which in turn reduces the signal activities. In this table we compare our work with other recent related works in terms of power, area, area-power product and area-delay squared product with respect to target critical path delay. In case of hardware, on the other hand, the implementation of the S-box is directed to the desired trade-off among area, delay, and power consumption.

The main constrain is appeared when considered the critical path versus the area-power product. Among all the three proposed architectures the optimizayion result that is provided here is the third one.

Acknowledgments This material is based upon work supported by the Institute of Information and Communication Technology under Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. A modification of Milenage algorithm is proposed through a dynamic change of S-box in AES depending on the new secret key.


The substitution byte S-box serves the purpose of bringing optimizztion to the data that is to be encrypted. However, it may be necessary to add a large number of additional flip-flops when the pipeline stage is placed between the decoder and encoder. Now-a-days there are a lot of applications coming in the market where an increasing optimizstion of battery-powered embedded systems like PDAs, cell phones, networked sensors, smart cards, RFID etc. Rijndael Joan Daemen By clicking arcchitecture or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License.

A Compact Rijndael Hardware Architecture with S-Box Optimization

The delay and qith estimation for 1, 4 and 16 combinations are shown in Table 2. The algorithm steps shown in Fig 2 can be optimized through pipelining. Lightweight encryption design for embedded security. By introducing a new composite field, the S-Box structure is also optimized.

A Novel Byte-Substitution Architecture for the AES Cryptosystem

To clarify the results wiyh, the case of processing four bytes in parallel is considered here without pipelining. Each legend cites the functions in the same top—down order as they are contained in the optimizatoon Fig. Semantic Scholar estimates that this publication has citations based on the available data. The basic idea of this approach is that the original S-box is broken down into a set of smaller size multiplexer-switched truth-table of say n-variable functions using the Shannon expression.


Satoh [ 26 ]. The five finalists, for example, include an “extended” Feistel network MARStwo standard Feistel networks RC6, Twofisha substitution-permutation network Serpentand an algorithm that relies on finite field operations to construct the S-box Rijndael.

A Compact Rijndael Hardware Architecture with S-Box Optimization. | BibSonomy

The resources that have been utilized are provided in Table 1. Total dynamic power dissipation for S-box is obtained 1. Introduction Encryption algorithms are broadly classified as symmetric and asymmetric algorithms based on the type of keys used. Amongst the eight, Wolkerster [ 5 ] shows less area power product compare to architectuer, but suffering large critical path delay.

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Enhanced mobile authentication techniques. The benefits of pipelining byte substitution can be clearly noticed, as the number of bytes processed per iteration decreases. Architectural Optimization for a 1. That is because the synthesizer of proposed work has a much higher degree of freedom for optimizing the circuit, which allows for a shorter critical path.

Bertoni [ 23 ]. The proposed pipeline architecture pptimization S-box shows that the throughput can be maximized by reducing the delay of the critical path.

The main drawback of composite field approach is greater power consumption, but delay is much less compared to other architectures. The S-box computation involves basically two steps, the multiplicative inverse and the affine transformation.