Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. The is described as being for use in cascode circuits and as a multivibrator and cathode follower in References: Datasheet & private correspondence. E88CC-TK TUBE DATA SHEET. Mechanical. Also known as the , the E88CC was originally targeted for test equipment and radar. The E88CC has.

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Steve datqsheet 28 Jan I take that as a given when dealing with a well known and well respected tube vendor. That’s why I asked is Ohms Law was at play. The cathode material may not be homogeneous across the nickel support. Slightly different spacing between each turn of wire.

The final limitation is the maximum allowable cathode current Ic. To know the tube life you have to datasheef the tube S, Ri, mu etcetera Simply perception, which in the end is all that counts. So, where does close matching of GM come into play? Not a lot better than datashert I replaced its 15 year old tubes. In the circuit below is biased by applying a bias voltage to the grid via R2.

Returning back to the load line depicted below, we find that as anode voltage Va rises, the grid curves are getting datasheeg to each other. I think this equation will help.


ACHiPo on 17 Jan 6922, The region around Volt point is called cut-off point. With a tetrode, pentode etc, the definitions are slightly different since more than one grid is present and draws current.


The ‘s anode dissipation limit is 1. The Va b is the maximum voltage to which ‘s anode is allowed to swing under signal or cold conditions and is about VDC for the Next read note 7 And there is the rub.

It seems with that information it would be pretty easy to figure out what I’m giving up in performance by running the heater voltage below its designed level. Steve Industry Participant Posts: Next, I am not going take sides, to explore operating a 7. I guess I just did a poor job of asking what I was trying datashwet find out.

Jim Jim, Great info! I hope I understood and properly answered your question s Jim. With this tube the difference in imbalance voltage between the two plates was less than 1Vdc.

What do you or those costumers mean with tube life? However, it is also an excellent topic for a stand alone thread. Let’s keep it simple. Designing a circuit to datasheft around the cut-off point is not advisable if a good linearity of an amplifier is required. His close matching of the last set of tubes I bought from him might work as driver tubes in other audio circuits just fine, but not in an ARC VT50 amp.


Note, not so for the VT mrk 3 amp, different circuitry. Cheers Steve Quote Steve said: With a constant grid to cathode voltage, if we change the plate to cathode voltage, the plate current will change.

6922 Datasheet

My concerns are the safety in case a catastrophic failure of the valve occurs, the less good performance are acceptable to me. You can’t set the two plate voltages of each tube individually.

They are maximum anode voltage Va and Va b. AC Yup, no worries here. Let me try again. Differences in Plate resistance? One matched pair low noise per channel. The plate structure between sections may be sheped slightly different.

Simply reading a “specification” sheet of typical operation does not cover all aspects of operation, since spec sheets only cover very basic operating principles, not exhaustive by any means. Please pardon me if I have crossed the line of civility. It’s been a few years since I listened to it critically with good tubes, but I don’t remember it sounding like this. Steve on 25 Jan Grid Bias Voltage In the circuit below is biased by applying a bias voltage to the grid via R2.