2711P B6C20D PDF

3Publication P-UMJ-EN-P – November 3. Summary of Changes. The information below summarizes the changes to this manual since the last. Our Bulletin P PanelViewâ„¢ Plus Graphic Terminals are discontinued and no longer available for sale. Bulletin P PanelView Plus Graphic Terminals. Allen-Bradley P-B6C20D PanelView Plus Color TFT Terminal inch, Keypad and Touch Screen, Ethernet, RS and Modular

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They have been repairing and replacing them for years, and the operators all carry flashlights to see the ones with failing backlights. I have been hounding them to upgrade, and they’re finally entertaining this idea. I would love to replace them with Red Lion units, but they do not want to give up the keypads. Therefore, I think the only option is a PanelView Plus.

The existing units are catalog B6C2. Based on Rockwell’s Migration Guide http: Does this sound correct? Are there any other things I need to think about? Is the P-RAK6 cutout adapter the right one? What about the communication cable? Which one is right? Now I’m totally confused Okay, now I’m thinking I want the following: Don’t put 2711o much weight in the part numbers of the old Migration Guide. RA did go to a “PanelView Plus 6” and changed some of the logic module part numbers.

The basic size and shape 271p the terminals didn’t change. It has just one RS port.

I think we overlapped a little there. Thanks for the quick response, Ken! Saved me a lot of reading. The way the cable is run, it will be a lot less work to hack off the rectangular connector and wire it to terminal block on the AIC make my own AS I had the same connector dilemma when I originally quoted replacing these with G3s almost a year ago according to my previous post http: I’ll put together a quote and see what happens.


Based on past experience, I doubt they’ll go for it Hopefully, the program conversion won’t be too tough.

Each machine is slightly different, but they each have about 30 screens and maybe registers, so I’d hate to have to start from scratch. I did a b6c20c of PanelView Standard to Plus conversions this spring also 6″ units. Most of the objects converted right over. But they don’t look any prettier than the originals.

P-B6C20D Allen Bradley PanelView Plus Terminal Out of Stock – Santa Clara Systems

Because the conversion translates all the PanelBuilder32 tags into HMI Tags, they are polled at a 1 second rate and that was b6c2d slow for the operator keypresses.

Resurrecting this thread with an update: My customer finally decided to go with the new PanelView. I made a quickie drawing of the connections attached. The old PanelView was sitting at node 2. In the PanelView program, the tags are prefixed with [slc], and [ulogix2] i. Where do these names get associated with the nodes?


In PanelBuilder, it’s in the RS comms setup. In the conversion log file attachedthe first line complains that RSLinx is not installed. Is this the problem?

I also noticed that the conversion process added double colons:: Any thoughts on the next things I need to do? They start blinking again if I unplug the cable, and also when I use a cable that only has pins 2, 3, and 5 connected.

I also tried swapping pins 2 and 3 for the hell of it. Still can’t connect to the PLCs: I read HERE http: After a bit more research, it looks like I need to add the device manually in the Communications tab right click the serial port and ‘add device’. So, if I name the three devices to match the existing tag names ‘slc’, ‘ulogix1’, and ‘ulogix2’, will it just work as is, or do I need to edit all the tags?


I’m headed back to this customer tomorrow. Still confused about the double colon added to some of the tag names though. The “Shortcut” names should be equal to the device name from PanelBuilder32, and be in square brackets as you described them. Once again, clear and concise info that will save me a ton of frustration!

Thanks so much, Ken: I’ve been meaning to update this thread for a few months. Finally found the time! It took me f-o-r-e-v-e-r to discover that you could drag down the window below where it says ‘Mode: Once I figured that part out, the rest was pretty straighforward. The only other issue I had was connecting the new PanelView to the network.

This did NOT work. The b6c0d was to toss the AS03 cable, and connect to the 6-pin Phoenix connector on the link coupler, as shown in my edited ‘ConnectionsR1’ picture. This has been running perfect for the last few months, and they now want to proceed upgrading the rest of their PanelViews.

Their only ‘complaint’ is the new password system. They would much rather have the old ‘type in a number’ password instead of the newer login with username and password. Any way to make the new units use the old password method? Thanks again Ken for all your help over the years!