View and Download Toyota Land cruiser prado owner’s manual online. Land cruiser Automobile Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual. Toyota land. View and Download Toyota Land Cruiser repair manual online. TOYOTA LAND Automobile Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual. Toyota land cruiser. Toyota Land Cruiser for factory, Chilton & Haynes service repair manuals. Toyota Complete list of Toyota Land Cruiser auto service repair manuals: . Toyota Land Cruiser Service & Repair Manual Software; Toyota Land Cruiser.

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For important information about this manual and your Toyota, read the follow- ing pages carefully. When it comes to service, remember that your Toyota dealer knows your vehicle very well and is interested in your complete satisfaction. Your Toyota dealer will provide quality maintenance and any other assistance you may require.

Important information about this manual Safety and vehicle damage warnings Safety symbol Throughout this manual, you will see safety and vehicle damage warnings. You must follow these warnings carefully to avoid possible injury or damage. The types of warnings, what they look like, and how they are used in this manual are explained as follows: Toyota products, nor for re- Toyota recommends you to read the provisions in Section placement or installation involving such parts.

Toyota dealer before you dispose of your brake system, active traction control system, vehicle sta- vehicle. Utility ve- hicles have a significantly higher rollover rate than other types of vehicles. Hood lock release lever Parking brake lever Rear cooler controls Toyota electronic modulated suspension mode select switch and rear height control air suspension switch Manual transmission gear shift lever Power window switches Window lock switch Fuel filler door opener Downhill assist control DAC switch Emergency flasher switch 3.

Tilt steering lock release lever 4. Wiper and washer switches 5. Headlight, turn signal and front fog light switches 6. Instrument cluster overview “Type A 1. Service reminder indicators and 4.

Odometer and two trip meters indicator lights 5. Engine coolant temperature gauge 8. Height control indicator lights 3. Trip meter reset knob These keys work in every lock.

Your correctly, so be careful not to lose these Toyota dealer will need one of them to keys. If you should lose your keys or if you hicle. The engine will start only when need additional keys, duplicates can be the electronic code in the chip corre- made by a Toyota dealer using the key sponds to the registered ID code for number. The indicator light will go off. However, there is a limit to the number of additional keys your Toyota dealer can make for you.

If you lose your wireless remote control Locking operation the temperature becomes high such as key, contact your Toyota dealer as soon on the dashboard. The turn signal lights can be set not to flash. For details, contact your Toyota To lock: Remove the screw, and then the cover. Remove the module from the key z Replace only with the same or frame. Replace the battery by following these procedures Do not bend the terminals. When the interior light center and 4. Install the lid with the 2 screws.


Vehicles with the wireless remote con- trol—Lock all the side doors and back door with the wireless remote control key. To avoid death or serious personal Never leave anyone particularly a injury, you must do the following. Back door When closing the back door, make sure it is fully closed. With wireless remote control system— To open the back door from the out- side, pull the handle. This not only keeps the luggage from being thrown out but also prevents exhaust gases from entering the vehicle.

If the open back door hides the stop and tail lights, rear turn signal lights or rear retro reflectors while you are parked, other road users must be warned of the presence of To avoid serious personal injury, make sure not to get your hands caught in the back door stay when closing the back door.

Along with the proper use of seat belts, locking the doors helps prevent the driver and passengers from being thrown out from the ve- hicle in an accident. Theft deterrent system The system will automatically be set after 30 seconds. When the system is set, the indicator light will start flashing again.

After making sure the indicator light starts flashing, you may leave the ve- hicle. Never leave anyone in the vehicle when you set the system, because unlocking from the inside will activate the system. If the system does not work properly, Unlock any of the side doors or back have it checked by your Toyota dealer. These ways cancel the system at the same time.

To open the fuel filler door, pull the 2. To remove the fuel tank cap, turn lever up. It is designed As a precaution when closing, the roof to regulate fuel tank pressure. The roof will move while this function may work even if nothing is ated properly, have it checked by your the switch is being pushed and stop when Toyota dealer.

If both front doors are Before you close the moon roof, The jam protection function may always make sure there is nobody not work if something gets caught around the moon roof.

You must just before the moon roof is fully also make sure nobody places his closed. Front seats— Seats —Front seat precautions While the mwnual is being driven, all ve- Driver seat Slightly recline the back of the hicle occupants should have the seatback seat.


Although vehicle designs vary, upright, sit well back in the seat and prop- CAUTION many drivers can achieve the erly wear the seat belts provided. Then slide the seat to the desired Avoid reclining seatback position with slight body pressure and more than needed. The seat belts maanual release the lever.


The amount of lumbar support will change Releasing the switch will stop the seat at while the switch is pressed. The seat belts pro- vide maximum protection in a frontal or rear collision when the driver and the front passenger are sitting up straight and well back in the seats. If you are reclined, the lap belt may slide past your hips and apply re- straint forces directly to the abdomen After putting back the seat, try pushing the seat and seatback for- ward and rearward to make sure it is secured in place.

The seat belts provide maximum protection in a frontal mmanual rear collision when the passengers are sitting up straight and well back in the seats. If you are reclined, the lap belt may slide past your hips and apply restraint owjers directly to the abdomen or your neck may contact the shoulder Then, hold the seat and slowly move it.

Otherwise, people may be injured or luggage may be damaged, if the seat hits them. To avoid serious injury, do not sit on the folded seatback.

The service is currently unavailable.

The seat belts lever. Then lean back to the desired provide maximum protection in a angle and release the lever. When a person sits in passengers are sitting up straight Be careful not to get your hands or feet pinched in the seat.

Make sure the shoulder belts pass 3. It will auto- 1. Lower the outside head restraints to third seats. Unfasten the zippers, stow the cen- 3.

Unlock the seat leg, and swing the 4.

Push down the inner leg into the ter head restraint in the back of the whole seat up and sideward. Take the right side seatback.

Make sure the seat is securely locked by pushing forward and rear- ward on the top of the seatback or by trying to pull up the edge of the bottom cushion.

When removing the third seats, pass 3. Lower the outside head restraints to hangers. Unlock the seatback and fold it 3. Unfasten the zippers, stow the cen- 4. Unlock the seat leg, and swing the down. Push down the inner right side seatback.

The metallic tips of the seat leg may be damaged and the seat cruiserr be reinstalled. Push the seat lock release lever out- 6. Install nanual seat lock cover. Hold the seat and engage the seat striker to the seat lock, then place lans seat on the floor.