14mz, Instruction manual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba 14MZ User Manual. Get Futaba 14MZ Manual. Get all Futaba manuals! 14MZ. 14 CHANNEL RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM. PCMG3/PCM/FM selectable. INSTRUCTION. Compact Flash (CF) Card Handling Instructions Follow these precautions when handling the CF card included in your 14MZ transmitter. DO NOT allow the.

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In order for you to make the best use of your system and to fly safely, please read this manual carefully.

If you have any difficulties while using your system, please consult the manual, our online Frequently Asked Questions on the web pages referenced belowyour hobby deal- er, or the Futaba Service Manuaal. Prior approval of 14ma appropriate government authorities may be required. If you have purchased this product from an exporter outside your own country and not the authorized Futaba dis- tributor in your country, please contact the seller immediately to determine if such export regulations have been met.

Have regular maintenance performed. Although your 14MZ protects the model memories with non-volatile EEPROM memory which does not require periodic replacement and not a battery, it still should have regular checkups. We recommend sending your system to the Futaba Service Center annually during your non-flying season for a complete checkup and 14ms. Li-Ion batteries require special charging criteria different than other rechargeable batteries. Use only the Futaba lithium ion transmitter charger included with this set for, or other chargers approved by Futaba to charge the Li-Ion batteries in the 14MZ transmitter.

Be very careful flying in areas near power lines, tall buildings, or communication facilities as there may be radio interference in their vicinity.

Most of the mixing functions are operated by curves which give mmanual more precise settings. Stick Each axis is supported by dual ball bearings.

Replaceable switches You can replace 8 of the toggle switches on the right and left shoulder, with optional switches two position, three position, and momentary etc. All programming and setup may be 114mz in this manner without transmitting.

Disconnect the connectors of switches you want to change. Use the attached jig inside manuxl to turn the Outside levers face nuts counterclockwise, this will detach the switches. LS LeftRS right: Each time you press a trim button, the trim position moves one step.

If you continue pressing it, the trim position starts to move faster. In addition, when the trim position returns to the center, the tone will change. Futaba’s original CF cards.

Do not use the transmitter as it is, send it back for a check manuql the Futaba Service Center. Close and lock the battery cover until you hear a kanual sound. You can use the toolbox contained in the set for various adjustment of the transmitter. Manuaal nomenclature Before using the receiver, be sure to read the precautions listed in the following pages.

Safety precautions when you install Mounting servos receiver and servos Use a vibration-proof rubber such as rubber grommet under a servo when mounting the Warning servo on a servo mount. And be sure that the servo cases do not touch directly to the metal Connecting connectors parts such as servo mount. When you are using a new PCMG3 receiver and changing the frequency, maanual ID or frequency by the following instructions.


When Registration of the user’s name the frequency setting for the receiver is T14MZ transmitter can register user’s name.

Idle down | Futaba 14MZ User Manual | Page 66 /

Home screen Here is the home screen and its descriptions. Music playback The T14MZ transmitter can play back the “.

You can listen to them through the built-in speaker or a headphone by the earphone plug. Call the setup screen by pressing the function you want to set up. This trainer system can be used in the The Trainer function makes it possible for the following manner; instructor to choose which functions and channels 1. In the T14MZ transmitter and a conventional are to be used for instruction, making it possible to transmitter, if the channel order is different.

Student mode to confirm this after connecting your trainer 1. Otherwise set it to “8CH”. In “student mode”, only the teacher side can turn on and off the power of the student’s transmitter. Date and Time Date and time setting system clock setting and integrating timer resetting Mqnual function adjusts the system clock of the The integrating timer can also be reset.

PIN, none of the settings can be changed. Switch Toggle switch type setting Setting when the switch was replaced. If you modify the location of the 14mzz on the right and left top of the transmitter, you should be sure to re-assign functions to the switches for proper operation. This setting reverses the actual operation This function reverses the operation signal manaul the signal, but does manuql change the display of sticks, switches, trimmer levers, and knobs.

Model addition and call Initial setting assigns 1 model to the T14MZ transmitter. The Model Select function of the Linkage Menu is used to add models and to call models which are already set. This is convenient when calling a model after its name has been registered. Helicopter basic setting procedure 1.

Model addition and call Default setting manial 1 model to the T14MZ. To add new models or to call a model already manaul, use the Model Select function of the Linkage Menu. Flight condition addition The transmitter can install up to eight flight conditions per model.

Fuselage linkage Operation of the swash plate near the hovering Connect the throttle rudder, ailerons, elevators, point can be corrected by swash AFR function pitch, and other rudder linkages in accordance with correction mixing. The throttle hold curve is used when performing When you want to adjust the servo speed, adjust auto rotation dives.

A curve setting example is shown below. Gyro sensitivity and mode switching A. Pitch to RUD mixing curve Normal The gyro sensitivity and mode switching Use the hovering system and set this curve to function is dedicated gyro mixing of the Model match take off and landing and vertical climb at Menu, and can be set for each condition.

Receiver and servos connection Connect the receiver and servos in accordance with the connection diagram shown below. Always read [Precautions when mounting the receiver and servos] of [Before using]. When mounting the receiver and servos to the fuselage, connect the necessary points in accordance with the kit instruction manual.

Servo connection by model type The T14MZ transmitter channels are automatically assigned for optimal combination according to the type selected with the Model Type function of the Linkage Menu. The channel assignment initial setting for each model type is shown below. Connect the receiver and servos to match the type used. For more information, see the Rudder Rudder description of the Function menu of the A typical menu screen is shown selection, frequency setting, end point setting, and below.


This is used for testing servo movement.

Model Select The Model Selection function performs model addition, call, deletion, copy, and model name setting. Model Type This function selects the model type from among airplane, helicopter, and glider. The Model Type function automatically Seven types of main wings and three types selects the appropriate output channels, control of tail wings are available for airplanes.

Seven functions, and mixing functions for the chosen model swash types are available for helicopters. Picture A picture can be pasted for each model. Simplifies identification of the model data mqnual screen operation. Manial photograph of the model taken manusl a digital When a picture is pasted, it is displayed as the camera or other file can be pasted as the screen following screen image: Sound Sound recording and playback.

This can be used when playing back the CF card from the PC can be played back when name of maneuvers, etc. For a detailed description of the selection mnual, 1. Frequency Frequency Band frequency setting, modulation mode setting, receiver ID code setting.

Select the range of the frequency band of the module used.

FUTABA 14MZ Manuals

If you would like, on the function- work simultaneously. Futaba recommends that you setting mnual of the linkage menu, you can freely use the standard optimized default combinations Reverse is also Trim change possible.

Maximum change near center by screen. Sub-Trim Setting of neutral position of each servo. The Sub-Trim function is used to set the servo neutral position, and may be used to make fine adjustments to the control surface after linkages and pushrods are hooked up. When you begin to set up a model, be sure that the digital trims are set to their center position. Servo Reverse Use to reverse the throw direction. Fail Safe Sets the servos operating position when transmitter signals can no longer be received or when the receiver battery voltage drops.

Sets the travel, limit point, and speed of each servo. The indicators on the screen display actual servo throw of the each channel. The center position of the servo throws, generates differential throws, and indicator is based on the Sub-Trim settings. Throttle Cut Stops 114mz engine safely and easily. The action is not functional at high throttle to avoid accidental dead sticks. Idle Down Lowers the engine idling speed. Swash Swash operation linkage correction function.

Mixing Rate Linkage Compensation This compensation mixing is used to correct the This compensation mixing is used to correct the tendency of the swash-plate for each control mnual tendency of the swash-plate for pitch control at low the hovering point. The following compensation pitch and high pitch. Timer Timer setting and lap time display.

The Timer function may be set for any desired time, Each timer may be set for count-down or count i. Also Split Time etc. Dial Monitor LDisplays the position of the dials, slider levers, and digital trim. Data Reset Model memory setting data reset.